Berkeley Doctor Claims That People Die From Chemotherapy, Not Cancer

According to Jones’ study, published in New York Academy of Science, people who refuse chemotherapy live on average 12 and a half years longer than those who undergo it.

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A former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Hardin B. Jones studied the life expectancy of cancer patients for more than 25 years. Then, eventually, he came to the conclusion that despite popular belief, chemotherapy does not work.

He found that the majority of people who were treated with chemotherapy died a horrible death. He has made it known publicly that this news is deliberately kept a secret by the cancer industry because billions of dollars are put into this scheme.

“People who refused chemotherapy treatment live on average 12 and a half years longer than people who are undergoing chemotherapy,” said Dr. Jones in his study, which was published in the New York Academy of Science.

“People who accepted chemotherapy die within three years of diagnosis, a large number die after a few weeks.”

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5 thoughts on “Berkeley Doctor Claims That People Die From Chemotherapy, Not Cancer

  1. Chemotherapy did NOT help my father in any way when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. In fact, after undergoing chemo is when he had to have a blood transfusion and chemo also decreased his white cell count thus disabling the body’s T-cells that aid the immune system to destroy bad cells. I would not recommend chemo to my worst enemy.

    And why is it that when people are given chemotherapy and are told that their cancer is in remission, nine times out of ten, the cancer returns and with a vengeance and kills the patient no matter what? I have seen this times too numerous to count. It always comes back since it only lies dormant but for so long and then something revs it up again. It would seem to me that there is NO such thing as ‘modern medicine’ because if there were, we would not continue to see people die so horribly from this. They can send a car into space headed for Mars, but can do nothing about bad cells that suddenly attack the human body? What is more important? Obviously, getting a car to Mars. For the love of !!!!


    • After watching two close friends go through the misery of chemotherapy, Shelby, I’m convinced that it’s a racket. I can’t figure out why patients and families are so slow to catch on. I had a friend die last year who went through the exquisite misery of chemotherapy for breast cancer, only to go into remission for 2 years with her immunity so weakened that she developed bowel cancer. Her partner convinced her to undergo chemotherapy for the bowel cancer – which she tried for a month – until it nearly killed her one weekend. After that she flatly refused any more.


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