Eight reasons why the latest Syria chemical weapons attack allegations are almost certainly complete nonsense

Trump clearly wishes to end the US occupation of Syria – fabricating an atrocity would pressure him to maintain the US occupation indefinitely and possibly escalate US military intervention in Syria, much to the pleasure of Islamist insurgents, their White Helmet and Syrian American Medical Society allies, and US war planners.

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April 8, 2018

By Stephen Gowans

There is much ambiguity surrounding the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, said to have taken place late Saturday, but there are a few matters that are clear.

First, the reports are “unverified”, according to The Wall Street Journal [1] and British Foreign Office [2] and are unconfirmed, according to the US State Department [3]. What’s more, The New York Times noted that it “was not possible to independently verify the reports,” [4] while The Associated Press added that “the reports could not be independently verified.” [5]

Second, according to The Wall Street Journal, it isn’t “clear who carried out the attack” [6] assuming even that one was carried out.

Third, the “unverified photos and videos” [7] which form the body of (unverified) evidence, were produced by two groups which have an interest in fabricating atrocities to draw the United States more deeply into…

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4 thoughts on “Eight reasons why the latest Syria chemical weapons attack allegations are almost certainly complete nonsense

  1. I found it interesting that Assad would not have used chemical weapons early on, as city after city slipped from his control into rebel hands, but then for no apparent reason would deploy illegal weapons after the tide had turned and most international support had been withdrawn from his opposition.

    It’s very difficult to believe that anyone would hold their hand while desperate and losing, then when almost assured of eventual victory, take literally the only action possible that could undermine that victory.


    • I must admit it’s quite distressing, MacThule, the way US foreign policy has degenerated into false flag attacks, lies and spin to justify random bombing campaigns against civilian populations. The US military has degenerated to the point they can’t win a war any more – so all they can do is exercise a vengeful scorched earth campaign against the victors.


  2. Seriously??!!! Can’t they even be bothered to change the script? We have heard nothing but ‘chemical weapons’ since Obama claimed Assad used chemical weapons on children and that was a lie. The Russians stepped in and Assad agreed to relinquish any chemical weapons he may have had, which I really don’t think he used them to begin with. Why would he? He knows that the Americans and the British would use any excuse to continue training and arming rebels to try and unseat him. If any chemical weapons were used, the CIA trained rebels used them and now we are back at square one. This is really getting to be quite tiresome.

    I am hoping that no one is buying this nonsense. Bombing Syria in an attempt to get rid of Assad needs to stop and Americans cannot take the high road when the U.S. has used chemical weapons on Americans and on people in other countries. So, how then can the U.S. attempt to point the finger? It cannot!


  3. I’m pretty sure nobody is buying this nonsense, Shelby, except maybe a few Hillary supporters. If there is military intervention (ie bombing), it looks like the US, France and Israel will be going it alone. The British can’t join in without a vote in Parliament, which they will most likely lose.


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