Why American soldiers were on front lines of anti-Vietnam-war movement

“Anti-war GIs led every major peace march in America from 1968 on.”


Ho Chi Minh City exhibition recalls how American GIs organised protests, published underground newspapers and served jail time in their efforts to bring peace to Southeast Asia

By Gary Jones

The stereotypical image of the Vietnam war veteran, returning to the United States after an arduous tour of duty, only to be spat upon and cursed as a murderer by sneering, long-haired peace protesters, is seared into the American psyche like a scar from a white-hot burst of napalm. The accepted belief is that weary veterans trudged home to be condemned, cold-shouldered, even physically assaulted – simply for doing their duty to their country.

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6 thoughts on “Why American soldiers were on front lines of anti-Vietnam-war movement

  1. The mainstream media love to create distorted stereotypes to further their political agenda. I notice that the NZ Herald these days is featuring a lot of rags-to-riches stories –


  2. The rightwing echo chamber and, revisionist history lackeys are stronger than ever. Unlimited funding from citizens united. 45 years of tough guy american lies , propaganda, and bullshit, like sylvester stallone-shit propaganda movies, ronald reagan, thrush limbaugh.

    Now we have a very ominous totalitarian threats in the msm and on the internet. Cambridge analytica, facebook, rightwing bots. Try to callenge a fascist trump bot anywhere about veteran peace activists in vietnam and they will play broken record lies on you.
    That is how bad it is. That is the totalitarian state. This is the rabid fascist reality.
    Watch a troll roll, lwhere they throw out a revisionist history mems like candy at a parade.

    When the goin gets tough they try to gang up on journalists .
    They bully and threaten like in totalitarian countries.

    They project, as good cop bad cop, the lesser evils, kimder gentler genocide and fascim.
    Watch altright site(euphemism for hate , bigotry, policestate, genocide,lies) . Watch the fascist bots on twitter.

    Propaganda sites like infowars, fox .malden, limbaugh that are all linked in insidious, rightwing meme machines and automated echo chambers. They still spew the same bullshit about vietnam for 50 years or throw in hornschwaggled , mindwarped, conspiracy theories for their socalled free thinking when they are obviously lying yheir asses off. “The vets against the vietnam war were and are commie sympathizers” though that shit has been so over, for so many years.
    There are run my multiple paid operatives. There are bots and operatives all over twitter and the inet that pose , as joe citizen.
    The new fascism has its agenda down, play book, meme machine down, pac of lies, sly stone movie references down
    It gets billions from dark money pacs, scummy stock market criminials like mercer, oligarchs, the kochs.
    Same themes and memes. Like serial killers , expounding on the sanctity of life, they will tell u how we won vietnam, women or the 80cent of us who are poor, are less than human in their veiled propaganda-lingo.

    Republican dogshit even says they hate the 80% of us that are poor. They do it all over twitter. All over any comment sites, on any progre
    Ssive journalism sites, altrightgarbage, Fakes, bots, paid trolls, thugs liars.


    • You’re right, Jiminet. It’s tragic the way people are deceived and controlled. The only answer I can think of is to wean them away from their TVs, laptops and Smartphones and get them involved in their neighborhoods and communities again.


  3. I agree with you Doctor. The sooner the better. People on their feet again. It is much worse than you think, since you left America. 80 percent of americans paycheck to paycheck, at poverty levels.
    All media in america suks. 40 years of thrush limbaugh, and that echo chamber diarrhea of racism, hate, and gorification of genocide.
    The Department of Homeland Security under Trump, is now compiling a database of the most influential websites and blogs. Now Trump is not leaving Syria. 20 or 30 percent of america looks down their noses and hates the rest of america. They enjoy and encourage scenes like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J4VnoYC1HA


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