The Skripal Affair: an Australian Diplomat’s View

Straight out of Alice in Wonderland: “Let the jury consider the verdict” the King said. “No, No” said the Queen: “sentence first, verdict afterwards”. “Stuff and nonsense” said Alice.

Hawkins Bay Dispatch

180328-skripal-house-salisbury-england-ew-430p_a261bd28209587154cef279d81357dea.jpg Unproteced police officers appear to stand just outside the contaminated door of Sergei Skripal’s home in Salisbury, England. Dan Kitwood / Getty Images file

Amb. Tony Kevin: Diplomatic Fallout from the Skripal Affair

06 April 2018 | Tony Kevin| ACEWA

The Skripal Affair is by no means over, but after the reciprocal diplomatic expulsions now nearing completion,  it is timely to attempt a state of play wrap from an independent Australian perspective.

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2 thoughts on “The Skripal Affair: an Australian Diplomat’s View

  1. Patients in hospitals for 30-days are routinely encouraged to engage in open-length calls or take visits with family members and friends to help with their healing process. Bringing a camera to record a short message from Yulia Skripal to family and friends (more commonly known as loved ones) can take as little as a minute, and would reasonably be seen as therapeutic and beneficial. But in this instance none of these allowances universally granted to patients have become exercised. Could British authorities fear that such routine patient activities would somehow put Ms. Skripal at risk … that her communicating with family and friends might end up killing her?


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