11 thoughts on “Couple spied on, raided and kidnapped by feds for peaceful posts questioning gov’t

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  2. Outrageous!!! Amazingly, the fake “news” media didn’t cover this big bust.

    I hope they file criminal complaints with the local state and federal prosecutors and demand that they present the evidence to the state and federal grand juries. I hope that they also file complaints with internal affairs and the inspector generals for each of the “law” enforcement agencies involved, and hopefully, some law firms might be interested in pursuing claims for malicious prosecution, false arrest, and violations of rights under color of law.


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  3. Obviously, there is no need to go to Germany to look for Nazis, they are right here in AmeriKKKa! These gestapo type techniques are about to become quite common. Anyone who questions the lies and motives of the government is suspect. And of course, our troops are busy fighting for this brand of freedom, justice and human rights for all of us traitors, who are actually people who question instead of just accept. “Heil the Fuehrer!”

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    • As far as I can see, Shelby, the US ruling elite has always been extremely brutal with people who questioned their wrongdoing – everything we have been taught about free thought and free speech is a sham.


  4. And the bots, neonazis, white nationalists, trump trolls, Brietbart creeps, told us it would be different under Trump. Wrongo. It is a thousand times worse. It will get a thousand times worse under this evil regime and the hadlers of the demented, pig puppet.

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