GAO Reports That Black Students Receive Disproportionate Discipline

The GAO released fresh evidence Wednesday that black students, boys and students with disabilities are all disproportionately disciplined in the nation’s public schools.

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This was posted by Politico Morning Education.

I don’t know which outrages me more:

1) the administration’s efforts to link the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to the Obama guidelines that sought to reduce disparate punishment based on race. As Politico points out, there is no evidence to connect the Obama guidelines with the shooting.

2) the statement that Betsy DeVos opened every meeting yesterday with an acknowledgement of the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, and the suggestion that she was engaged in fulfilling his life’s work. What Chutzpah! She has been trying to slash the budget of the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights and appointed a woman to run it who is opposed to its mission.

Politico writes:

KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM THE GAO’S SCHOOL DISCIPLINE REPORT: The GAO released fresh evidence Wednesday that black students, boys and students with disabilities are all disproportionately disciplined…

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3 thoughts on “GAO Reports That Black Students Receive Disproportionate Discipline

  1. Hey Doc. haven’t seen you in a while and spotted you on Diane’s blog

    I’ll have to check back with you more often BTW here’s my response to her inc case you care.

    First of all, when it comes to long tern contributing causes of violence one of the most important factors is early child abuse, including corporal punishment leading to escalating violence including bullying. On any given year six to eight of the nineteen states that still allow it in schools are in the top ten for murder rates.

    As you pointed out it is disproportionally used against minorities, other reports also indicate it’s used more against disabled people. Contrary to claims by conservatives, if Obama’s rules to reduce this disparity work it’s reasonable to assume that it will make violence less likely, including school shootings, not more.

    I know you’ve spoken against corporal punishment in schools before, but I would appreciate it if you did it more often, since this is so important and most don’t recognize it.

    Also, my most recent article in the link under my web-page cites your work. The cities that have more so called school reform often increasing reliance on Charter Schools are often the lowest income, the ones with the most cheating scandals and the highest murder rates.

    One of the reasons that poor or minority people might be targeted for more discipline, in addition to bigotry, is that they often have less supervision at a younger age, which could be solved with increased funds to child care head start etc.

    It’s truly amazing and shocking that those that are constantly cutting investments in education don’t hesitate to spend enormous amounts of money on prisons or wars based on lies, which is an obvious cause for violence including school or other shootings!



  2. How great to find you Zasck. Good to hear from you. I can’t figure out how to follow your blog. Can you explain how to do this? I also found Toritto. He has a WordPress blog at and Jack Heart, who blogs at

    My main concern when I was practicing in the US was the major emotional abuse of black children by white teachers. When black parents brought their kids to me for behavioral problems, my first order of business was to visit their classrooms. I was really amazed how abusive some of the teachers were, even with an observer in the classroom.


  3. I remember Jack better than Toritto and will check them both out when I have time. My Blog is at Blogspot here:

    I’ve heard stories about that from the South and many major cities as well, including Kozol, but he said they kept it hidden from outsiders. I suspect the South and other bigger cities are now more concerned with covering it up now that it gets more attention.

    At least when it comes to corporal punishment it’s being reduced, even in the South they keep making noise about it when it happens keeping them on their toes but it shouldn’t take this long to stop.

    I’ll be sure to check back later


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