Bombshell Report: Yulia Skripal Says Her Father is “All Right”

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

According to the official UK narrative, Sergey and Yulia Skripal, along with police detective Nick Bailey, were poisoned by a deadly military-grade novichock nerve agent. 

No antidote exists, no recovery possible. The official narrative failed to explain exposure causes death in minutes.

From March 4 to recent days, the Tory narrative changed several times, explained in a late March article as follows:

First it was claimed father and daughter Skripal were poisoned by a military-grade nerve agent while eating lunch at a Salisbury restaurant.

The narrative switched to Yulia unwittingly transporting the nerve agent planted in her luggage on her flight from Moscow to London.

The story then shifted to Skripal’s BMW, the deadly toxin smeared on its handle, suggesting he and Yulia were poisoned this way.

Next came the claim about the nerve agent perhaps in aerosolized form affecting them through the vehicle’s ventilation system.

The latest official version claims the alleged nerve agent was smeared on the front door of Skripal’s home.

If any of the above accounts were valid, the Skripals, Bailey and at least 38 reported others exposed to the same toxin would be dead – surely many others as well.

Yet a month later, no one died. Bailey recovered enough to be discharged from hospitalization. Yulia’s doctor said she improved markedly. Days earlier, Sergey was reported in stable condition.

The military-grade poisoning claim is a bald-faced lie, obvious to anyone following events and reports. . .

Source: Bombshell Report: Yulia Skripal Says Her Father is “All Right”

5 thoughts on “Bombshell Report: Yulia Skripal Says Her Father is “All Right”

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  2. Ok. Try this next time you’re late for work …….. The Russians doubled parked in front of my garage. Well yes, it is true I don’t have a car but the Russians blocked my garage so if I did buy a car I couldn’t get the car into the garage to get it out to get to work!

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    • LOL Tube. According to the BBC this morning, the daughter has been awake for a week and she was asleep before that because they were keeping her sedated. The old man is awake now – I’m dying to know what he has to say and whether he was in on it right along.

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  3. Who could have foreseen an event where nobody died would constitute the next 9/11, including bizarre details even the world’s greatest writers of political thrillers couldn’t imagine? Despite the irrationality and danger created by what is “highly likely” a false flag operation there is reason for optimism. Serious and responsible people the world over have found it necessary to act and speak common sense and truth, speeding up in the process revelations of previously secretive, criminal, hugely consequential activities.

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