3 thoughts on “Trump freezing Syria funds, Claiming Pullout Imminent

  1. Taken from the article.

    “The State Department last year spent $200 million on stabilization work in Syria, including removing unexploded weapons and restoring water, power and electricity, and an additional $225 million in funds was designated this year.”

    Now let me get this straight, the CIA and John McCain, personally vetted ‘moderate’ terrorists and sent them to fight Assad’s military in order to overthrow Assad, but they haven’t been successful thus far in doing so because Russia stepped in and struck back at the U.S. trained terrorists and so then, the U.S. threw money at restoring water, power and electricity to a Syria that the U.S. helped to destabilize, but when Puerto Rico was in dire need, and still is, Trump threw Puerto Rico, a roll of paper towels???!!! For the love of !!!

    The U.S. cannot spend money on its own ‘territories’ because this country is too busy destabilizing other countries that it has no business destabilizing with our tax dollars and then no money can be found to even give Puerto Rico the basic necessities of living because $200 million was spent on trying to stabilize Syria after the U.S. destabilized it? Absolute damned insanity! And we just sit somewhere and bemoan this shit and rev up the car and head to Walmart. I give! I just give!

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