China has now issued a warning to Great Britain (yeah its true)

“We believe that the Skripal case should be resolved through talks based of real facts.”

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CHINA has taken sides with Russia over the nerve attack, calling on Britain and the west to “abandon confrontation” in the wake of mass diplomat expulsions

The explosive diplomatic row over the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia should be settled based on “real facts”, China’s Foreign Ministry has said.

Appearing to back Vladimir Putin, a spokesperson for Chinese president Xi Jinping has warned western nations to cease its hostile behaviour towards the Kremlin.

A united front of more than 20 western nations stunned Putin on Monday by expelling more than 100 Russian diplomats accused of being spies.

The unprecedented expulsion of Russian intelligence agents came in response to the poisoning of Skripal and Yulia, who remain in a critical condition.

Theresa May convinced US President Donald Trump, EU leaders and NATO that Russia is “highly likely” to be responsible for the Novichok attack in Salisbury.

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15 thoughts on “China has now issued a warning to Great Britain (yeah its true)

  1. Admitting a non-ideological posture and recognition of all people as essentially the same, one finds the Chinese contributions to major world events as among the most sober, rational and transparent. Russian actions are similarly of the no-nonsense variety as well, giving an explanation for the increasing rejection by people everywhere of Western stunts such as the reckless and dangerous Skripal fiasco.

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  2. The U.S. and Great Britain are two peas in a pod and I would not believe one word out of the lying mouths of either’s politicians. And I do not believe for one minute that Russia was behind this poisoning just as Russia did not in any way influence the U.S. elections. And even if they had, does the U.S. really want to go there when the U.S. has most definitely influenced foreign elections and there are facts to prove this unlike the fact that there is no hard evidence that the Russians influenced this latest election in any way? Those Washington political dogs are shameless!

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    • I just read that Russian oligarchs are buying up everything from foreign real estate to overseas oil fields to western sports teams. Those sanctions just ain’t enough to keep the Russians from getting what they want and I say, “Good for them.”

      And the U.S. has just accused Putin of eliminating his opponent and the U.S. has also alleged ballot stuffing. So, why are we so concerned with Russia’s elections while at the same time, don’t even want them taking a peek at ours even as we accuse them of affecting the outcome of this latest election fraud which was a direct result of the fact that Americans don’t elect the president, the Electoral College does even if it has to be assisted by the Supreme Court?

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  3. Good points, Shelby. I personally would like to see more democracy in Russia (and in the US), but I honestly don’t believe anyone other than Putin has the strength of character necessary to deal with the constant Western provocation without getting us into a nuclear war.

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