Trump’s Trade War: US Demands China Keep Importing American Garbage

By Zero Hedge
Global Research, March 29, 2018
Zero Hedge

As it tries to strike an agreement with the US to avert a trade war that economists fear could destabilize global markets, China has an ace up its sleeve that it’s just about ready to play: The Communist Party last year implemented a ban on imports of recyclable material that is provoking a mild panic in the US.

The US relies on China to “import” much of its bulk recyclable waste. But last July, in an effort to battle the “illegal foreign garbage” influx into China, the country’s Ministry of Environmental Protection notified the World Trade Organization that it plans to ban imports of 24 types of solid waste materials, including soda bottles, mixed paper, recycled steel and newsprint.

Despite the threat to implement the ban by the end of the year, the document stated that the “proposed date of adoption” is “to be determined.”

But by moving ahead with the decision, China risks creating serious problems for the global recycling industry, something that would probably have the greatest impact on the US by essentially forcing it to make difficult choices about how it processes its solid waste, including – most notably – how and where it is stored.

According to Reuters, which was the first western media outlet to report on the decision, the US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries said at the time that the ban would devastate an industry that supported 155,000 jobs and had exported scrap worth $5.6 billion to China in 2016. . .

Source: Trump’s Trade War: US Demands China Keep Importing American Garbage

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Trade War: US Demands China Keep Importing American Garbage

  1. It would seem to me that we need China more than China needs US. Why does the U.S. continue to provoke the Chinese especially seeing as how the Chinese hold a great deal of U.S. debt, is the biggest provider of cheap junk and other ‘necessities’ that are purchased from China by the U.S.? It makes no sense to start something with the Chinese that could only end up hurting the U.S. Not to mention the fact that China is also hell bent on replacing the dollar with China’s own currency relative to worldwide trade. The so-called leaders of the U.S. are stupid to take on China because there is only a lose-lose scenario in doing so.

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  2. I agree, Shelby. It makes no sense. All I can think is that it’s a bluff – that the US has nothing left to fight with but rhetoric and psychological provocations. Apparently the US is notorious for the low level of competence of enlisted troops. I don’t think they could win a war if they tried. Perhaps there is some value in Trump running around like a madmen because it leaves other nuclear powers really scared what he might do.

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