How to Profit from Environmental Destruction

Pricing the Planet Part 2

Al Jaceera (2018)

Film Review

Part 2 of Pricing the Planet is even more disgusting than Part 1. It concerns the “green conferences” organized by oil, chemical and mining companies to promote ways they can invest in “credits” to mitigate their activities that degrade the environment.

All the industries that attended a recent “green conference” continue to lobby heavily against government regulation to curb the environmental damage they cause. However now that they see an opportunity to profit from carbon and species trading they’re suddenly spouting off about the future of our planet.

The documentary shows footage of Dow Chemical and Nestle executives at a recent green conference. Dow has one of the worst reputations for environmental degradation. Dow produced Agent Orange, responsible for cancer and birth defects in thousands of Vietnam veterans and Vietnamese civilians and their offspring. They also own the subsidiary responsible for the chemical factory that exploded in Bhopal India, poisoning thousands. Nestle is notorious for depleting fresh water all over the planet, which they sell back to us as bottled water.

Unsurprisingly the World Bank supports corporations who buy and sell the right to destroy the environment by selling Green Bonds (which corporations use to mitigate their environmentally harmful activities). Carbon and endangered species trading are also strongly supported by the United Nations.

The high point of the film is a vignette featuring Indian environmentalist Vendana Shiva explaining how financialization always leads to degradation. She further states, “Wherever a price is placed on nature, nature has been destroyed.”

She maintains the continual destruction of the environment in the name of economic growth is a sickness in the human mind.

The documentary can be viewed free at Pricing the Planet Part 2

5 thoughts on “How to Profit from Environmental Destruction

  1. Everything they do is for the money NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!
    The environment needs to be left alone and it will take care of any problem that comes along.
    They know nothing about the environment! They are trying anything and everything and whatever sticks on the wall to go with. Al Gore’s idea about the ice melting?
    What happened with that? There is not such a thing. They are full of crap not scientists, not even close.
    Keeping the public misinformed is the best tool they have created and used itfor years on unsuspecting taxpaying citizens.


  2. “She maintains the continual destruction of the environment in the name of economic growth is a sickness in the human mind.”

    It is not in MY mind. Whose mind is it in? We all should know the answer to that. Who is hell bent on destroying this entire planet? The answer should be quite obvious. Rich white men who behave as if they have nothing to lose. The rest of us? We stand to lose our very lives.


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