5 thoughts on “Kids are Born Creative Geniuses Until the Education System Destroys Imagination

  1. This is all just absolutely sad! I can still remember when I was in kindergarten and I was one creative little bugger and as I moved up in grades, I discovered that I was talented in drawing and writing poetry and I also wanted to play a musical instrument. However, I was discouraged from being creative and instead was told to concentrate more on pronouncing my words. It seems that I could never get my Rs and Ws to come out when they were supposed to and so I was sent to ‘speech therapy’ to better learn how to say those Rs and Ws. And this was all because I had asked the teacher for a ‘wed’ crayon instead of a ‘red’ crayon and so during creative class, I was stuck in ‘speech therapy’. I wish you could see how I draw today; stick figures. And yet, to this day, I still say, ‘wed crayon’. So much for ‘speech therapy’.

    It is a damn shame when children are not allowed to shine in their own light and must have it dimmed before its brilliance is recognized and appreciated. Why oh why do we allow this? Parents really should be kicking up a fuss over this. Seriously!


  2. I absolutely hated school, Shelby, from third grade on. It was so boring it was literally painful. When I was an undergraduate I helped some parents start an alternative school where kids wouldn’t be subject to that kind of repression. And here in New Plymouth, a number of my friends home school their kids as part of an “unschooling” movement.

    As for speech therapy, my best friend in first grade was in speech therapy and I was incredibly jealous because of all the special coloring books she brought home. I didn’t see anything wrong with the way she talked and thought she got to go to a special class because she was cleverer than me.

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    • As for what I think about the way I talk, I’m fine with it and no one has ever had a problem understanding me. In fact, my mother hates the way I talk, she claims I’m trying to give myself’ airs’ with my ‘la dee dah’ way of talking.

      I spent the entire time in ‘speech therapy’ playing board games with the therapist. But I would have rather been doing something else, believe me.


  3. Nicely put. We share similar ideals. Something must be done to stop this system of putting kids as young as 9 through stress. I ask that we get together and do something to change the system. Something wrong exists to be corrected. Let’s change the system. Feel free to e-mail me at iamoneinazillion@gmail.com


  4. Thanks for your comment, Adithya. I hated school and have spent much of my life trying to keep other children from facing the ordeal I did. I really like the Finnish educational model – kids love it and they have the best achievement results in the world.


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