Firefox Offers Clever Workaround for Facebook Users Worried About Privacy

Mozilla is really taking advantage of Facebook’s latest troubles. First, in a splashy PR move, the company behind the Firefox internet browser pulled its advertising from Facebook. Now it’s also offering its users a way to bypass the social network’s controversial data collection practices.

The “Facebook Container” is a browser extension that, as the company says in a blog post, “isolates your Facebook identity from the rest of your web activity.” What this means is that when you’re logged onto Facebook on Firefox, the platform will be separated in a special walled-off tab—”the container.” The goal of the container is to make it harder for the social media giant to track what you’re doing on other sites through third-party cookies. When you click on a Facebook link on an external site, it loads into the container, and if you click on an outside link on Facebook, it loads into your regular browser window.

Facebook is notorious for relentlessly following its users with ads that are based on their online browsing or shopping, badgering people with images of the pair of shoes they were thinking about or even had already purchased. . .

via Firefox has a clever workaround for Facebook users worried about privacy — Quartz

7 thoughts on “Firefox Offers Clever Workaround for Facebook Users Worried About Privacy

  1. DrB. Great information BUT once you mouse yourself into ANY of these computer systems you are a cooked goose as far as privacy is concerned. It is just best to as do Tubularsock does and grab your cell phone and dial up the NSA directly.


    • I think overall that’s good advice, Kenneth. As for myself, I have never used Facebook for personal information. At the moment, it seems to be the only way activist groups I belong to keep in touch with one another. Taranaki is quite spread out, which means we can only meet face to face every month or so. I think we’re going to have to think of another method real soon. A protest we held last week in Wellington seems to have been infiltrated by provocateurs.


  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Mozilla aka Firefox’s PR stunt is just that, a stunt because I have browsed using Firefox and I logged onto Delta Airline’s website and low and behold, from that time forward, every advertisement that appeared on any webpage I took a peak at, there sat ‘Delta Airlines’. They’re ALL in on the game of following us around and bombarding us with advertisements. How do you think these companies stay in business? They are all selling our information to advertisers. Not one is uniquely different! Not one!


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