Amalgam/Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity

An often overlooked, but extremely important source of toxic material is the mercury from silver [mercury] amalgam fillings. Some people who are aware of the situation are confused by the mixture of information available. Unfortunately, statements from dental trade organizations and on a few poorly-researched news reports have muddled the situation.

Here are a few facts about mercury amalgam fillings:

  • Causes Damage to Brain in Children

In February, 1998, a group of the world’s top mercury researchers announced that mercury from amalgam fillings can permanently damage the brain, kidneys, and immune system of children.

  • Amalgam Fillings Linked to Neurological Problems, Gastrointestinal Problems

The first large-scale epidemiological study of mercury and adverse reactions was recently completed and showed that of the symptoms looked at, there was a link seen to gastrointestinal problems, sleep disturbances, concentration problems, memory disturbances, lack of initiative, restlessness, bleeding gums and other mouth disorders.

  • Mercury / Alzheimer’s Disease Connection Found

A study related to mercury and Alzheimer’s Disease was recently completed by a team of scientists led by well-respected researcher Dr. Boyd Haley. They exposed rats to levels of mercury vapor diluted to account for size differences between humans and rats. The rats developed tissue damage “indistinguishable” from that of Alzheimer’s Disease. Repeating the experiment showed the same results. Dr. Haley is quoted as saying “I’m getting the rest of my fillings taken out right now, and I’ve asked my wife to have hers replaced too.”

  • Amalgam Fillings Since 1970s Unstable

The type of mercury fillings that began to be used during the last couple of decades, non-gamma-2 (high copper), releases many times more mercury than the older style of amalgam fillings. Also, please see the article on the instability of dental amalgam fillings by Ulf Bengsston. . .

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7 thoughts on “Amalgam/Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity

  1. Yet, the claim is that giving us that toxic mess is all about saving our teeth. What about the rest of our body? Doesn’t that deserve to be saved, as well?

    I remember when I was in science class at school, a teacher was showing us ‘liquid mercury’ and she said that we could only touch it if we had no cuts on us because it could be lethal. I reached in the container and scooped some in my hand and my teacher instantly said, “Shelby, I hope you have no cuts!” Thankfully, I did not but I quickly put the container down and washed my hands most thoroughly. And so I ask, is this the the same material that is in our fillings? If so, oh damn!


  2. Shelby, about 20 years ago I was worried about my fillings being linked to my digestive problems. I went to see a naturopath to get a hair analysis and she didn’t feel my mercury levels were excessively high. Because I was really desperate, I had about 2/3 of my amalgam fillings removed and replaced with composite fillings – and didn’t really notice that much improvement in my condition. I didn’t know at the time that you had to see a special dentist to have them removed – apparently you can be exposed to a lot of mercury vapor during the removal process. However from that point on, I have refused to have any further amalgam fillings – insisting on composite fillings instead.


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