“It Wasn’t Russia,” It Was Obama-Based Social Media Mining That Beat Hillary

Facebook, not Russia, helped Trump win the election.

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Authored by Trent Lapinski via Hackernoon.com,

Just over a year ago I wrote, “Did Donald Trump Use Artificial Intelligence To Win The Election?”, which was an article about Cambridge Analytica.

If you haven’t been paying attention lately, Facebook just banned Cambridge Analytica from their platform, including the whistleblower that blew the whistle on how Cambridge Analytica was potentially misusing data. Meanwhile, the mainstream media has gone into a frenzy, crashing Facebook’s stock, forcing executives out of the company, and calling for social media reform.

This story is seriously a year old, and although I was not the first journalist to write about this, I did bring it to the attention of about 6,300+ readers. While it is new that we have a whistleblower, and the number “50 million accounts”, what the media isn’t telling you is how Cambridge Analytica actually pulled this off.


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8 thoughts on ““It Wasn’t Russia,” It Was Obama-Based Social Media Mining That Beat Hillary

  1. Taken from the article:

    “Facebook is basically responsible for feeding the analytics system that enabled Cambridge Analytica and the Trump campaign to be so targeted and effective with a minimal budget. They ultimately won Donald Trump the swing states and the election. As well as subverted democracy, and likely made Facebook a bunch of money.”

    “That’s what happened, that’s how Trump won. It wasn’t the Russians, it was our own social media companies who sold our data to the Trump campaign which they then likely used to convince liberals not to vote in swing states.”
    Of course it wasn’t the Russians. But then, it wasn’t all about targeting people on social media with messages about the candidates. I was not on social media; not Facebook and not Twitter. I did not vote and it had nothing whatsoever to do with some entity manipulating me with false information. I refused to vote for that bitch who guffawed over the senseless murder of Col. Muammar Gaddafi and look at what is going down in Libya today. Libya is off the chain thanks to the U.S. military and NATO. The Clintons are bogged down in scandals and that is the truth. That’s not ‘fake news’. It may be true that some people were influenced by what Cambridge Analytica did but those people are influenced by a groundhog seeing its shadow on Groundhog’s Day, so they’re a given. But there are also those of us who do our own research and our eyes are quite open to the filth that we were expected to vote for and we simply could no longer hold our noses and vote for filth no. 1 or filth no. 2. It just wasn’t happening and so, we abstained.

    But even so, Trump won the same way Bush beat Gore in 2000; through the Electoral College because Gore won the popular vote as did Hillary Clinton. There is no reason to vote since our votes count for shit!

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    • You make some really excellent points, Shelby – starting with your last point about the electoral college. The electoral college was deliberately created at the gitgo to prevent the US from operating as a democracy. If you read what our founding fathers wrote about the Constitution, they were terrified of democracy – which they referred to as mob rule. They clearly did not want the majority of voters controlling the government. It’s also the reason why they created a Senate to block the influence of the House of Representatives.

      It’s also why the elite does everything possible to discourage people from voting, including holding elections on a work day (most countries do it on Sat), requiring people to register a month or more prior to elections and restricting former felons and homeless people from voting.

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