Iraq War: How China Outpaced the US in the Struggle for Iraqi Oil – By Sputnik

Washington’s plans to commandeer Baghdad’s oil exports in the aftermath of its 2003 invasion Operation Iraqi Freedom failed, as China has emerged as the largest purchaser of Iraqi crude.


A US Marine covers the head of a statue of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein with the US flag before pulling it down in Baghdad's al-Fardous (paradise) square 09 April 2003 as the marines swept into the Iraqi capital and the Iraqi leader's regime collapsed.

© AFP 2018/ Ramzi Haidar
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Although the US sought to deprive its geopolitical rivals of free access to Iraqi oil as one of the objectives of Operation Iraqi Freedom, China has managed to turn the challenges of the war to its own advantage, analysts told Sputnik, adding that Beijing may adopt a similar strategy towards Syria.

Washington’s plans to commandeer Baghdad’s oil exports in the aftermath of its 2003 invasion Operation Iraqi Freedom failed, as China has emerged as the largest purchaser of Iraqi crude.

“The Chinese are conducting a quiet economic expansion in Iraq and many other countries, particularly in Africa and the Middle East,” Igor Shatrov, deputy director of the National Institute of Modern Ideology Development, told Sputnik China. “China’s influence in the world is increasing with no muscle-flexing [on the part of Beijing] and the US cannot do anything about it, because Western companies can’t offer the same favorable conditions Chinese companies provide…

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