Establishment duplicity: When Facebook ‘allowed’ Obama campaign to mine data in 2012, mainstream media, stock market cheered


Facebook, Twitter shares tank in light of Cambridge Analytica exposé

Establishment duplicity: When Facebook ‘allowed’ Obama campaign to mine data in 2012, mainstream media, stock market cheered

Facebook and Twitter both took a beating on the stock market today. By early afternoon, Facebook had lost about $60 billion, or over 11% since its closing price on Friday. Twitter dropped by over 10% or $2.4 billion.


I would like to think it was because I quit Facebook on Feb 3, and Twitter in mid-2017. 🙂

“Why should I waste my time and emotional and intellectual capital on a platform which will eventually self-destruct and collapse?” – I wrote at the time {see I QUIT! – Feb 3, 2018 – https://wp.me/p1jFeo-2sd).

And now, Facebook has started doing just that – “self-destruct and collapse.”

Levity aside, the real reason both stocks are now tanking is actually the same as that which had caused me…

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    • I agree totally, Kenneth. It never existed. The way the current monetary system works, private banks create 98% of our money out of thin air when they issue loans. This works whether you’re borrowing money as a mortgage or through your credit card – or if you’re Trump borrowing trillions of dollars to start a new war in the Middle East. They simply punch a button on a computer and the money comes into existence.


  1. I’m with Kenneth. I want to focus on the $60 billion that’s gone, just like that. Some magic trick that was. It was SO magical that I don’t believe it ever existed at all. Smoke and mirrors is what we have here folks. Focus on the bright trinkets that we have put in front of you and when you look up, we will have made ‘billions’ selling those trinkets along with your information that make those trinkets valuable enough to influence elections and every aspect of your life.

    What does the average Jane and Joe Schmuck make off the stock market? Not much because it takes money to invest to the point where you actually see a return on your investment for why else are there only a few extraordinarily rich individuals whose net worth are in the billions and all they did was ‘buy low and sell high’ all while knowing what stock to buy when every brokerage firm advertisement I’ve ever seen states that there are ‘risks for losses’ but it would seem that a few are ‘lucky’ beyond belief and escape the losses. Insider trading, anyone? Too bad many of us never got in on the ground floor and invested heavily in Facebook in 2012 when it went public at $38 a share. Or what about Google and Apple? We missed out on those as well. But with rents skyrocketing, as well as health care costs, food, utilities, clothing, insurance, etc., what average person can afford to throw money at the stock market? And even if Facebook does self-destruct and collapse, Mark Zuckerberg won’t end up in a homeless shelter, nor will he be found panhandling on Skid Row. And that’s the way it is folks.


  2. In my experience, Shelby, ordinary people don’t become extraordinarily rich in the US because they’re heavily taxed on their incomes (unlike the billionaires who pay virtually nothing in tax) and because they don’t have enough money to bribe politicians for lucrative government contracts and to look the other way when they break the law. Both Facebook and Google have enjoyed lucrative government contracts (from the CIA and Pentagon) for their data mining and suveillence capabilities.

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