Nearly 20% of Women Prisoners in Japan Are Seniors

Shoplifting has become something of a lifeline for Japan’s elderly population. As Bloomberg reports, nearly one in five women in prison is 65 or older. These elderly women commit minor crimes in order to escape poverty and solitude. Often, women are repeat offenders so that they can return to prison once they are released. To…

via Nearly 20% of women inmates in Japan’s prisons are seniors — Quartz

2 thoughts on “Nearly 20% of Women Prisoners in Japan Are Seniors

  1. A 78-year-old inmate referred to as Ms. O has stolen energy drinks, coffee, tea, a rice ball, and a mango. She told Bloomberg: “Prison is an oasis for me—a place for relaxation and comfort. I don’t have freedom here, but I have nothing to worry about, either. There are many people to talk to. They provide us with nutritious meals three times a day.”

    Loved it! Lock her up and throw away the key. Given the choice, who wouldn’t choose “better?”

    The “death by lead” article wasn’t quite as uplifting, however. 😥


  2. I had a very similar reaction. It sure better to being physically abused in a nursing home. The friend of a mother of mine is dealing with that right now. It seems to be ubiquitous – no matter how many times they move her.


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