10 Reasons Seniors are Turning to Medical Marijuana

A 2018 study of seniors found 93.7 percent of patients felt improvement from symptoms after taking cannabis for six months.

Patients for Medical Cannabis

From Herb.co

More people over 65 are using cannabis than ever before.
Cannabis for seniors? More people over 65 are using cannabis than ever before, but how? Check out our top ten reasons cannabis for seniors works wonders.Seniors aged 65 and up are the fastest growing demographic of cannabis users. In fact, a survey of 47,000 people aged 50 and up found that cannabis use has increased 250 percent for those over 65.

That’s because, like the rest of the population, seniors are opting to use cannabis for medical ailments, like pain, instead of prescription drugs. With the increased popularity and decreased stigma of the plant, seniors are more open than ever to try cannabis.

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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Seniors are Turning to Medical Marijuana

  1. I’ve been wondering about all the benefits of cannabis, and I’ve read some good articles about it, but none that have discussed the positives as thoroughly as this article does. My husband has so many serious health issues and I just really wish he could take cannabis, but we live in Nebraska and am afraid to break the law, guess maybe l need to join the group that is pushing to get cannabis oil legalized here.
    Thank you an excellent article Dr. Bramhall!


  2. We’re about to have medical marijuana approved her in New Zealand but only for terminal cancer and it’s still terribly expensive because we have to import it. At least passage of the law will stimulate a local industry so we can bring the cost down.


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