Biological Warfare: The US Germ Warfare Attack on North Korea in 1952

Dirty Little Secrets

Al Jazeera (2010)

Film Review

Dirty Little Secrets is about an apparent biological warfare attack against North Korea in January 1952. The attack involved US bombardment of North Korean villages with canisters containing insects infected with typhoid, anthrax, plague and cholera. At least 30 witnesses report seeing insects crawling in the snow next to hollow bomb canisters. Following the attack, many North Koreans died of infectious illnesses that resembled plague and typhoid fever.

The US categorically denies the attack ever happened. North Korea, in turn, insists the US must acknowledge and apologize for this war crime before it agrees to nuclear disarmament.

The evidence compiled by an independent Japanese investigator is pretty damning:

  • Thirty-six US airmen who were shot down and captured, wrote detailed confessions admitting to their participation in the attacks. On their return to the US, they retracted the confessions after being threatened with court martial.
  • Declassified documents from the National Archives reveal the US shielded Shiro Ishii, the Japanese scientist who perfected this method of germ warfare, from war crimes charges after he agreed to sell his secrets to the US.
  • Other declassified documents reveal that in 1947 Fort Dietrick scientists expanded on Ishii’s work using flees and mosquitoes.
  • In 1951 the US Joint Chiefs of Staff issued an order calling for testing germ war fare under “operational warfare.”
  • An independent international commission (including scientists from France, Italy, Brazil, Sweden, Russia and the UK) investigated after the Korean War ended and produced a 600 page report confirming the attack occurred.

The Telegraph also features an excellent article on the same topic from 2010: Did the US Wage Germ Warfare in Korea


5 thoughts on “Biological Warfare: The US Germ Warfare Attack on North Korea in 1952

  1. The hanta virus that infected the navajo nation in the 80s and 90s, and now the United states is part of this. The military was launching bioweapon payloads, with weaponized hanta virus, from the korean conflict over the Navajo Nation.
    This was done in the 1960s upto the 1970s. The payloads were launched from Green River Utah to Whitesands New Mexico. Some of the missles crashed releasing Hanta virus into the wilds. Field mice were infected. The dried feces of the infected rodents, became the vector for the virus.
    There was an outbreak of Hantavirus in the 1990s, that killed, a young Navajo couple in the 90s.
    Now field mice all over the United States are infected with Hanta Virus, and there have been multiple deaths, from inhaing the virus, from the dried feces of wild rodents, all over the United States. Thanks Uncle Sam!


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