Insurers Cancel Liability Insurance for Schools that Arm Teachers

Insurance companies are canceling liability insurance in schools that arm their teachers.

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“Concealed handguns on school premises pose a heightened liability risk,” the insurer informed districts via its agent network. “We have chosen not to insure schools that allow employees to carry concealed handguns. Schools permitting concealed handguns will be declined, as new business. Existing schools permitting concealed handguns will not be renewed.”
Presumably to avoid being tagged as a 2nd Amendment opponent, EMC specified that it was taking the action “simply to protect the financial security of the company.”

Several school districts that had been toying with the idea dropped it after the warning. In Indiana, workers compensation insurers said they wouldn’t cover personnel who carried guns onto campuses. Oregon’s major liability insurance consortium said it would surcharge districts for every civilian employee they allowed to bring firearms to school, which discouraged the initiative.

via LA TIMES One big problem with the idea of arming teachers: Insurance companies won’t play along…

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4 thoughts on “Insurers Cancel Liability Insurance for Schools that Arm Teachers

  1. I don’t blame the insurance companies for canceling the liability insurance, I would do the same. As always, the solution to ending gun violence in America is to ‘arm’ more people. As stressed-out as many teachers are thanks in part to unruly pupils, pressure from the school hierarchy for students test scores to improve, parents who insist that their ‘dear little devils’ are not misbehaving in school and the fact that funding is an issue and teachers are using their salaries to buy teaching tools for the classrooms, arming these teachers would just add to the problem because some just may, themselves, go berserk while carrying a concealed weapon.

    And there have been many instances in the news where teachers have gone off on students and smacked the shit out of them, now add a gun into the mix and you’re begging for more trouble. That would be insanity! But then, the majority of Americans are insane, for why else do we conclude that to solve our gun violence problem, we need more guns?


    • We have the same problem here in New Zealand, Shelby – with big cuts in education and welfare benefits. Here many teachers are spending their limited salaries to pay for breakfast for their kids. It appears that hungry children can’t learn – go figure. As much as I hate insurance companies, this was a good news article for me. Schools simply can’t afford not to have liability insurance – the risk of being sued is way too high. So hopefully this proposal to arm teachers is dead in its tracks.

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