How Manufacturers Conceal Cellphone Risks

The Secret Inside Your Cellphone

CBC Marketplace (2017)

Film Review

This is a Canadian documentary about deliberate efforts by cellphone manufacturers to conceal the health risks of cellphones. By law, every cellphone carries a warning somewhere in its menu to keep your cellphone more than 5-15 mm away from your body. The warning is so hard to find that 81% of Canadians have never seen it. In fact, 70% of Canadians carry their cellphones in their pants pockets or bra.

The Berkeley City Council is the only governmental authority in North America to pass legislation requiring this warning to be made public – they require it to be prominently posted in every electronics store that sells cellphones. Using the same lawyer who defended the tobacco lobby against smoking-related health claims, the telecommunications lobby has sued Berkeley to have the law repealed. The case is expected to go all the way to the Supreme Court.

The documentary also reviews ongoing research into the health hazards of cellphones. Epidemiologists remain deeply concerned about the dearth of studies in children. The Canadian brain tumor registry shows a clear increase across the board in brain tumors in young people. Anecdotal evidence, as well as animal studies, strongly suggest the trend relates to growing cellphone use. In addition, young women who carry cellphones in their bras are presenting with (highly unusual) multiple separate breast cancers.

The most well established correlation is low sperm counts and poor quality sperm in men who carry cellphones in their pants pocket.




3 thoughts on “How Manufacturers Conceal Cellphone Risks

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  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t have a cellphone? Dr. Bramhall, I got rid of that cheap ass smartphone I bought when I moved just as soon as I got my landline phone installed. I just basically needed it for navigation for when I was driving a truck getting the hell out of Baltimore, MD. It was cheaper than buying another GPS device which I had gotten rid of when I sold my car in Minnesota. And I don’t carry any type of phone around with me since I knew that they were dangerous long before any research was done on those things.

    We can try and educate people all day and all night, but like you stated on my blog, ” more and more I feel the house is on fire and you and I are running around like crazy trying to wake people up and get them out of the building.”

    That about sums it up, Dr. Bramhall! And can’t nobody argue with that!


  3. I don’t have a Smartphone, either, Shelby. I have a prepaid 2G cellphone I leave on my kitchen table and carry in my backpack if I’m expecting someone to call or text me (a growing number of friends don’t have landlines). Now my current company is shutting down their 2G service (this is the second time this has happened). We have one company left in New Zealand that offers 2G service. Their website says they can sell me a new SIM card for my phone that will sign me up with their 2G service. I’m going down to see them later this week.

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