How Come Thousands of ISIS Militants Have Suddenly Gone Missing? – By Martin Berger (New Eastern Outlook)

The only thing one can state with certainty is that the absolute majority of them have managed to escape retribution. So, where are they now?


Author: Martin Berger


In recent months, American politicians have presented the public with a constant barrage of statements about various Islamic State (ISIS) strongholds in Iraq and Syria falling in their hands one after another. One can recall that last year the so-called Islamic State lost both of its capitals: the Iraqi city of Mosul, and the Syrian city of al-Raqqah. In fact the above mentioned radical Wahhabi formation has already lost all of its territorial claims in the Levant. The speed with which ISIS has been surrendering its territories may lead a casual observer to the conclusion that its militants have simply vanished in the dim morning mist.

It’s worth mentioning that as early as 2016, ISIS warlords began arriving in Libya from both Syria and Iraq to assess the dire situation this country was in, with it virtually unchanged…

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4 thoughts on “How Come Thousands of ISIS Militants Have Suddenly Gone Missing? – By Martin Berger (New Eastern Outlook)

  1. “So, where are they now?”

    They are wherever the CIA sends them. Since the CIA armed, trained and let them loose, then the CIA should know where they are. And wherever they’re at, be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and so forth and so on, our tax dollars went with them because our tax dollars are still being used to arm American backed terrorists and that is what ISIS or ISIL or IS are; American backed terrorists!. Yes, we are the terrorists bringing chaos, pandemonium, bedlam, beheadings, death and refugees… everywhere!


  2. Congratulations Shelby, you win the prize for the best answer. The US mainstream media wins the booby prize. They just can’t seem to figure out something that’s blatantly obvious to anyone who makes an serious effort to follow the US proxy wars in the Middle East. Or perhaps I should say they don’t want to – that they’re so deeply intertwined with the CIA and Pentagon that they seek to deliberately mislead to US public.

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  3. This also links to FBI entrapment operations which target mentally unstable young men who are are often radicalised, given weapons and whipped up into a frenzy to carry out FBI suggested terrorism. And then they have the audacity to claim they’ve foiled a terrorist plot. Terrorism is an industry.

    It also makes the issue of immigration much more complex. You have countries that have been destabilized by NATO and the U.S. via shock doctrine formulas which then causes mass migration for genuine people desperate for a normal life. Young men make up the vast majority of those migratory flows and these inevitably include those who are radicalised. This provides more fodder for these agencies under cover of liberal policies. This is why it’s so important to get beyond the left-right divide and go to the heart of deep state policies. Education in the realities of State sponsored terror and its historical legacy is so vital, yet it still remains off the table – largely thanks to our beloved media and the polarisation of left-right ideologues.


  4. I’m totally with you on the issue of the left-right divide, MK. I honestly believe it’s an artificial construct pushed by US intelligence to keep us fighting against one another. The CIA funds both sides – and has done since its formation in 1947.

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