How Cannabis Cleans up Nuclear Radiation and Toxic Soil

Hemp is proving to be one of the best phytoremediative plants used to clean up nuclear contamination in Chenobyl. Thus far I can’t find any evidence it’s being used at Fukushima – I guess they feel more comfortable pretending a) there is no nuclear contamination at Fukushima b) there used to be nuclear contamination but it’s gone and c) the nuclear contamination at Fukushima isn’t hazardous to human health.

Finding Truth In an Illusory World

As the result of any type of consumption, there is the consequent waste. Often the waste is benign, sometimes even productive, such as with industrial hemp. At other times, it’s deadly. Such is the case with the manufacturing run-off of the heavy metal industries.

The ILVA steel factory in Taranto, Italy (on the Ionian Sea, which opens to the larger Mediterranean) replaced fishing and tourism as its primary industry in 1965. It is now the region’s largest employer and produces forty percent of Italy’s steel. It’s also responsible for the disastrous pollution of the area’s air, land, and water.
One of the contaminants that result from steel production is dioxin. Dioxins are a group of toxic chemical compounds (Chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin [CDD], Chlorinated dibenzofuran [CDF], and certain polychlorinated biphenyls [PCB]) that are the by-product of combustion. They are known to cause cancer, disrupt the endocrine system, affect reproduction and development, and damage…

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4 thoughts on “How Cannabis Cleans up Nuclear Radiation and Toxic Soil

  1. Hey Ma, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I’m so enthusiastic about Industrial Hemp – its superior qualities and the numerous uses it can be put to.
    My dream is to one day seek to reverse its illegality by litigating to distinction between it and the psychoactive recreational marijuana.
    I hope you can be of some assistance of sorts because in my country there is no any history of its growth and subsequently no infrastructure. I would like to prove beyond doubt that ihemp is not a drug but nature’s gift for mankind.
    Again thank you for sharing, God Bless You!!!


  2. Besides the versatility of hemp fiber in paper, textiles, rope and plastics, cannabis has been used as a medicinal treatment in Asia for thousands of years. I’ve always found it a great pity that powerful corporations demonized it in the 1930s to promote the development of their own paper, plastic and petroleum products.


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