Black Panther as neo-Tarzanism

“Hollywood films should always come with a consumer health warning to people of African descent.”

Journal of People

by Biko Agozino

Hollywood expects everyone to cheer whenever African characters are starred as superheroes even if the roles assigned to them include the mass murder of fellow Africans while subtly promoting the interests of colonisers. 

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6 thoughts on “Black Panther as neo-Tarzanism

  1. “Hollywood films should always come with a consumer health warning to people of African descent.”

    It should! For Black people who are stupid enough to buy into the bullshit! But, unfortunately, there are just too many stupid Black people who did indeed, buy into this fantastical bullshit and are quite ready to buy into more since I am quite sure that those who watched this Black Panther movie are awash in anticipation for the next one to come down the pike. Well, I don’t sit among them because I sure as hell did not go to see this latest bit of brain washing and propaganda and I damn sure as hell wouldn’t sit still to see more of the same.

    And it is a sad ass shame that this piece of trash movie completely took over Black History Month, which was the intent all along, to the detriment of celebrating those who were on the front lines against slavery like Harriet Tubman and those who sacrificed themselves in their fight against Jim Crow and segregation and who stood up against high-powered hoses, rabid dogs, beatings and imprisonment and this is a complete affront to the TRUE and REAL Black Panthers like Bobby Seale, Angela Davis, Kathleen Cleaver and so many others! Long live Huey Newton!

    As some one once said, “Black people fell for the okie doke” AGAIN! And it would seem that millions will continue.

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    • But Dr. Bramhall, we should have more sense than God gave to a goat! I mean, look at us! We’re not falling for this brainwashing, hypnotizing shit that’s plastered in front of us daily. If we are not falling for it, then I wish someone could explain to me why millions fall for this shit every single day to the detriment of their own hide!


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