Venezuela: Petro Sales Exceed $1 Billion in Just Two Days

Big success, thus far, for Venezuela’s sovereign cryptocurrency, based on the country’s resources rather than private banks loans.

Journal of People

teleSUR | February 23, 2018

Venezuelan President Maduro said almost one million people have visited the Petro website since the currency’s launch two days ago.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday that his government has raised US$1 billion in the first two days of its “Petro” cryptocurrency sale.

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4 thoughts on “Venezuela: Petro Sales Exceed $1 Billion in Just Two Days

  1. Kudos to Maduro. He’s got a lot wrong since Chavez died but the U.S. has been intent on destabilizing this country with any and all means, which means he’s been fighting a battle from both social unrest and U.S. covert operations on the ground as well as the usual media propaganda. I really hope Venezuelan comes back from the abyss. This cryptocurrency is a start and hopefully out of the hands of those who would like to see this beautiful country broken.


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