1. “This entry was posted in BLACK CRIME, black on black crime, BLACK PRIVILEGE,”

    Dr. Bramhall, I read this on the site where this post originated and the above was at the bottom of the page.

    What does “BLACK CRIME, black on black crime and BLACK PRIVILEGE” have to do with the title of this post and what the hell is BLACK PRIVILEGE? The original poster of this article has some issues and they are mainly against Black people, as a whole, and also against the so-called, ‘left’ since they go on and on about the ‘left’ and its concerns over gun violence being hypocritical. The so-called, ‘right’ is just as hypocritical if not more so because they are the very ones who go on and on about being ‘Christian conservatives’ but who have no problem with people owning as many guns as they can purchase and who are always in the news for having a gun go off while in the hands of one of their children, either at home or at a gun range.

    People have died by the boatload and all this poster can do is to claim that one side of the political spectrum is more to blame than the other and then simply label this as all relative to “BLACK CRIME, black on black crime and BLACK PRIVILEGE.” That is just beyond the end of enough. This is why I go on to read the original article because I am not just going to sign off on part of the story and when I read the full story, I was stunned and that is putting it mildly. The person who originally posted this article is flat out NUTS and biased as hell!

    “That’s why celebrities focus their outrage over school shootings but don’t issue a single tweet of complaint over the shooting deaths, mostly of minorities, every weekend in Democrat-controlled inner cities across America”

    The above sentence is taken directly from the contents of the original post. This is what I mean. The article even goes on to castigate one of the actresses who played in “The Black Panther” movie for tweeting her disgust with gun violence since the author of this piece states that “Black Panther” was awash in gun violence. So, let’s all ignore the millions of movies dating back to the days of the wild, wild west and the gun violence in movies starring John Wayne and Gregory Peck, etc., and movies like “Gun Fight At The OK Corral,” “The Gunfighter,” “Hang ‘Em High,” and shows like “Gunsmoke, “The Rifleman” etc., let us focus on a movie that has an almost ALL BLACK CAST and cast that movie as THE movie that started all of this gun violence. Really? I certainly can’t figure out this person’s agenda…and believe me, I am being SO sarcastic, it ain’t even funny!


  2. Well, Shelby, sometimes I’m really embarrassed by my own naivety. I’m extremely distressed about the amount of violence – white people involved gunfights, car chases and explosions – in so many Hollywood films and video games (and the obvious effect it has on young people) and I didn’t notice the categories the author filed the post under. I now went back to the original post Truth Revolt and see that it came out of the David Horowitz Center. Horowitz is a well known US intelligence asset – a former leftist who allegedly saw the light and began spewing right wing propaganda. This is the first time I’ve seen him come out with something so blatantly racist.

    I’m so used to dealing with the CIA in its “leftist” incarnation (via its funding of left gatekeeping foundations and control of so-called liberal news outlets like the NY Times, CNN and Washington Post) – especially with these media outlets driving the Russiagate hysteria – that I forget that the CIA plays both sides.

    There is absolutely no question in my mind that there has been a dramatic increase in overtly racist discourse since I left the US – which has culminated in the election of a President who practically walks around with the badge “Proud to be a Racist.” I now begin to see the role US intelligence has played in fanning the flames, and it absolutely disgusts me.

    Thank you so much for looking into the origins of this article. I learn a lot from you.

    I remain deeply concerned about Hollywood violence. It needs to be called out. What a great pity the only article I could find was by a CIA asshole paid to promote right wing racist bullshit.


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