Moscow Invites BRICS Partners to Invest in Rebuilding Post-War Syria

Author: Bassam Khabieh
Posted on: RT | February 12th, 2018


Russia has invited its partners among the BRICS nations (Brazil, India, China and South Africa) to establish a foothold in the promising Syrian market, according to the Russian Ambassador to the country, Alexander Kinshchak.

“According to Syrian estimates, losses in the real sector of the economy topped $75 billion,” the ambassador told TASS news agency. “UN experts believe that it will take nearly $200 billion to achieve the pre-crisis GDP growth rate,” he added.
“We are aware that the Syrian government will find it difficult to obtain a huge amount of money required for the post-crisis recovery,”Kinshchak explained.
“Therefore, Russia suggested that the international community, first of all, the nations friendly to Syria, should join efforts in order to work out a complex program for its revival,” he added.


via Moscow invites BRICS partners to invest in rebuilding post-war Syria

2 thoughts on “Moscow Invites BRICS Partners to Invest in Rebuilding Post-War Syria

  1. I don’t know how this is going to work out because I just recently read an article about the fact that Russia has warned the U.S., AGAIN about meddling in the affairs of the Syrian government and about continuing to try and topple Assad, who would of course, be replaced with a U.S. puppet.

    So, seeing as how there is an ongoing conflict in Syria whereas the U.S. refuses to leave Syria alone and Russia is staunchly standing by Assad, how this will play out, I don’t even want to hazard a guess.


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