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Green Businesses Double Performance of Fossil Fuel Peers

Author: George Ogleby
Posted on: Euractiv | February 19th, 2018


Clean energy investments have almost doubled the performance of fossil fuel energy stocks over the past year and a half, new figures have revealed. EURACTIV’s partner reports.

The Clean200 group, which includes the largest publicly traded companies making revenues primarily from clean energy, generated a combined return of 32.1% in the past 18 months.

That is compared to the 15.7% for the Clean200’s fossil fuel benchmark the S&P 1200 Global Energy Index, despite a general upswing in oil prices during that period. The report was co-authored by green media research firm Corporate Knights and non-profit As You Sow.

“Market forces continue to show that the new energy economy is not only a growth sector, but continues to outperform fossil fuel based energy,” said Andrew Behar, chief executive of As You Sow. “We are witnessing the ‘Great Transition’ that has been predicted.”

Efficiency drive

The outperformance is driven by companies involved in the provision of products, materials and services related to energy efficiency. . .


via Report: Green businesses double performance of fossil fuel peers

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