New evidence of Africa’s systematic looting, provided by an increasingly schizophrenic World Bank

A brand new World Bank report, The Changing Wealth of Nations 2018, offers evidence of how much poorer Africa is becoming thanks to rampant minerals, oil and gas extraction. Yet Bank policies and practices remain oriented to enforcing foreign loan repayments and transnational corporate (TNC) profit repatriation, thus maintaining the looting.

Journal of People

by Patrick Bond

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4 thoughts on “New evidence of Africa’s systematic looting, provided by an increasingly schizophrenic World Bank

  1. Their are too many corrupt ‘leaders’ of African countries. Not to mention that African countries are still paying a colonial tax to France decades after their independence.

    The people of Africa should not be living in squalor and poverty as rich as Africa is but they cannot fight against all of the different corrupt militant groups and counter-government militant groups that are running rampant in a place that is ripe with corruption which seems to be the case with most African countries. Those people over there still cannot get their act together and to this day, the different governing officials allow the rape and pillage and looting of Africa to continue since their pockets are bulging thanks to ignoring the plight of the people in favor of the ‘leaders’ living a lavish lifestyle. No wonder I’m sitting over here in America because it would seem that what went on as far as other countries being allowed to drag Africa’s people from her shores are just about the only thing that’s not going down over there today. I could be wrong about that as well.


    • From what I understand, Shelby, the Atlantic slave trade played a major role in stripping Africa of its strong leaders and in decimating its early civilizations – leaving ripe pickings for colonists to move in and oppress the Africans who remained. Although the African nations theoretically have political independence, they continue to languish as economic colonies, under the thumb of the World Bank, IMF and CIA. It’s my experience that the CIA hand picks their puppet dictators for their corruptness and willingness to dance to Wall Street’s tune. When they refuse to oblige, they are removed.

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