Dr. Mark Geier Wins Lawsuit Against Maryland Board of Physicians

The case of Dr. Mark Geier is yet another example of how honest physicians who dare to question vaccines, even when they themselves are pro-vaccine and just want an honest discussion about the efficacy and safety of vaccines, are quickly attacked and branded “anti-science” and a “quack.”

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A Maryland Circuit Court judge has ruled that the Maryland Board of Physicians, which stripped Dr. Mark Geier of his license to practice medicine back in 2011, acted illegally by humiliating Dr. Geier and his family publicly after they removed his medical license.

In what is seen as an unprecedented action, Judge Ronald Rubin has ordered not only that $2.5 million in damages be awarded to the Geiers, but that half of that amount was to come out of the pockets of the members of the Maryland Board of Physicians, between $10,000 and $200,000 apiece, depending on their net worth.

Dr. Geier was targeted by the Maryland Board of Physicians because he did not tow the party line regarding vaccines, but saw a link between some vaccines and autism, and developed medical protocols to heal children of autism that were not approved by the medical system, while at the same time fighting to…

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Mark Geier Wins Lawsuit Against Maryland Board of Physicians

  1. What they really seek to destroy is any threat to the corrupt and extremely profitable relationship between the medical establishment and the pharmacutical giants. Profits like these make doctors who won’t tow the line completely expendable


    • Hi Claire, great to see you again. You have an excellent point. When I was practicing in the US, I always had the sense my medical license had nothing to do with my medical knowledge but with my willingness to toe the line politically.


  2. Stu, most activists who lose or win their cases then stop instead of continuing;

    The real questions we must be asking is by what authority and by what jurisdiction are those ACTing as bar members, corporations, courts, doctors etc.?

    The lawful truth is their authority is assumed and presumed; and, they have no jurisdiction over the living or tangible; so, we must toss aside all legal fictions, status and titles; and, hold them accountable as peers before jural assemblies; using natural law and natural justice as a restraint against tyranny;

    The status quo will not change unless we go after them; lawfully and peacefully; in peace


  3. UZA, I agree with you in theory, but I suspect this guy probably wasn’t an activist to begin with. I suspect he was merely an honest doctor trying to do right by his patients and trying to get his license back when the system came crashing down on him.


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