Steven Singer: Disaster Capitalism Clears the Way to Privatize Schools in Puerto Rico

“Make no mistake. This has nothing to do with serving the needs of children. It is about selling off public property because it belongs to poor, brown people.”

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First it was New Orleans, its public schools crippled by a devastating hurricane, which was used to sweep away public education. Now, it is Puerto Rico, crushed by a powerful hurricane, with most of the island left by the federal government without access to electricity or clean water.

Now Puerto Rico will abandon public education and turn its students over to private operators and religious schools. Let someone else run the schools. The government prefers to abandon them.

Steven Singer writes a cogent analysis of the death of public education in Puerto Rico.

“More than five months since a devastating hurricane hit the island’s shores, some 270 schools are still without power.

“Roughly 25,000 students are leaving with that number expected to swell to 54,000 in four years. And that’s after an 11-year recession already sent 78,000 students seeking refuge elsewhere.

“So what do you do to stop the…

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2 thoughts on “Steven Singer: Disaster Capitalism Clears the Way to Privatize Schools in Puerto Rico

  1. I am actually wondering how many people will even remain in Puerto Rico after those last two devastating hurricanes especially seeing as how they have been mistreated most horribly by those thugs in Washington. Those charter schools they are proposing may not even get filled for want of students.

    And I read today, that food that was supposed to have been delivered by FEMA to the island was left to rot in Florida and is infested with rats whereupon, the people who left Puerto Rico and came ashore in Florida were then supposed to be fed that mess.

    This entire situation is just crazy! I have never!


  2. Shelby, the history of US maltreatment of Puerto Rican residents goes back more than a century. Just during my lifetime, I have witnessed forced sterilizations of their women, young girls developing breasts from chickens fed hormones to hasten growth and the brutal suppression of the Puerto Rican independence movement. Then just before the hurricane, they were handed over to vulture capitalists to impose severe austerity for debts incurred by corrupt elites who had long since fled to Miami.


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