The Late Gene Sharp’s Color Revolutions


By Richard Hugus | February 3, 2018

Recent newspaper obituaries and articles on the late Gene Sharp are a classic case of misinformation, and a good example of why so many people don’t trust the mainstream news.

Far from being a promoter of democracy through Gandhian non-violence, Gene Sharp made an entire career out of US/CIA regime change operations, from Yugoslavia to Venezuela to Ukraine to Syria.

His “color revolutions” all had the same formula — phony grass roots organizations, funded and advised by US government aid, suddenly appearing in public squares; covert operations making it look like the demonstrators were being attacked by government forces, and lavish coverage from Western news outlets calling for the toppling of the “evil dictator” responsible for killing his own people.

Gandhi would have rolled over in his grave if he saw the ends to which his philosophy was perverted by Gene Sharp.

Violence always lurked beneath his high-sounding but underhanded destabilization and coup campaigns.

Sharp was an agent and accomplice of the CIA in grossly illegal attacks on sovereign nations all around the world. He should be condemned, not praised.

via Gene Sharp, agent provocateur

For more in-depth analysis of Sharp’s life and work see The CIA and Nonviolence


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