NZ: federal control of fluoridation would be a nightmare

New Plymouth voted to remove fluoride from their water supply in 2011.

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NZ: Federal control of fluoridation would be a nightmare

So would censoring debate on the issue

by Jon Rappoport

February 1, 2018

For the past year or so, I’ve been following a critical situation in New Zealand, where local communities decide whether to fluoridate their water supplies. A number of communities have said no.

A bill in the national parliament would change all that.

If the bill passes, the decision to fluoridate would fall into the hands of so-called District Health Boards—which are part of a federal system. At that point, New Zealand would be fluoridated as a matter of top-down command; local choice would be gone.

Now, there is a battle going on in the parliament about allowing debate on the science of fluoridation. Apparently, the pro-fluoridation forces are terrified that open presentations will expose official lies and destroy their position.

A press release (1/31) from Fluoride Free New…

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5 thoughts on “NZ: federal control of fluoridation would be a nightmare

  1. There are some major problems with this article, Aunty. The first is the way it sets up the arguments. For example, in myth number one they set up a straw man by claiming that fluoride opponents maintain fluoride isn’t natural – this is ludicrous. What we maintain is that fluoride isn’t a vitamin and that there is no requirement for fluoride for the human body to function – which there isn’t.

    Then in number 2 they refer to studies done in the 1940s – however when you have a look at these studies you find that none were randomized or double blinded which has been the standard for proof for the last 30 years at least. All attempts at doing randomized double blind studies of water fluoridation have revealed no benefit. Randomized double blind study of topical fluoride application to the teeth show a limited benefit.

    Then in number 3 they refer to studies done (or screened) by the NHMRC, which is an industry controlled (the fertilizer industry – the fluoride put in the water is toxic waste created by the phosphate industry) Australian government body. All the independent peer reviewed research shows a clear link between dental fluorosis (stained teeth) with lowered IQ, dental fluorosis, hypothyroidism and weakened bone structure.

    In number 4, they mislead people by talking about fluoride concentration instead of fluoride dose. The effect of any toxin always relates to the total daily dose they receive (relative to their weight) – not the concentration of the poison. In 2004 the American scientists at the EPA recommended water fluoridation be discontinued until there was definitive research into the exact daily dose of fluoride that was toxic. This research has never been done – the pro-fluoride industry refuses to do it. A low birthweight premature infant could easily receive a toxic dose of fluoride at the concentrations they describe.


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