Republicans Announce Plans For Drastic Cuts To Social Security, Raise Retirement Age

A new Republican bill would deeply cut Social Security.

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Now that Republicans retain control of the Executive Branch and both the House and the Senate, sweeping changes are about to be voted on.

Chairman Sam Johnson, the Republican Chairman of the Social Security Subcommittee of Ways and Means, just introduced a bill that would deeply cut Social Security as we today know it, not to mention his intention to raise the retirement age from 67 to 69.

via Republicans Announce Plans For Drastic Cuts To Social Security, Raise Retirement Age

Remember Trump promising not to touch Social Security Or Medicare?

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4 thoughts on “Republicans Announce Plans For Drastic Cuts To Social Security, Raise Retirement Age

    • I don’t know about Ryan, Rosaliene, but from what I understand Pence is totally focused on bringing about the Apocalypse (this is why he wants Jerusalem to be the capitol of Israel so Jesus can come back) so he can participate in the Rapture.


  1. So, I wonder will the seniors get off their ass now and take to the streets with those pitchforks? Will we soon be seeing infomercials by AARP about calling our elected officials to put an end to this mess? What with the pension fallout, there are many who are relying on those Social Security checks and they’d rather not wait until they’re being buried to get them. And if the retirement age is raised again, I guess we’ll all be retiring at 100 in order to be able to collect benefits.

    No one should be one bit surprised over this since each Administration has tried to dismantle or otherwise fuck up Medicare and Social Security. And they’ll keep at it.


  2. AARP has lots of money, Shelby, so I suspect they will make some effort to mobilize their constituency. With a midterm election coming up this fall, I believe the Republicans have made a serious mistake. Senior citizens vote in larger numbers than any other segment of the population. Thanks for your comment.


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