Findings raise new concerns about birth control safety

Research shows hormonal contraception increases breast cancer risk.


Birth Control

Since the 1960s, when the birth control pill made its debut, contraceptives have played a major role in family planning. So when researchers discovered that women taking hormone-based birth control had a higher incidence of breast cancer, making the contraceptives safer became an important public health priority. Many experts believed they found a solution in options with far lower doses of estrogen, a hormone long linked to breast cancer occurrence. But a new study suggests that low-dose contraceptives have not had the impact doctors expected, and experts are urging women to talk to their doctors about the implications for their breast health, even though the overall risk remains relatively small.

The study, published in December in The New England Journal of Medicine, followed 1.8 million women for an average of about 11 years, finding that those on hormonal contraception had a 20 percent higher risk of…

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3 thoughts on “Findings raise new concerns about birth control safety

  1. When women start showing some attitude about the fact that birth control is always aimed at them, then maybe they’ll get somewhere. But since women continue to let men dictate to them just who is supposed to be responsible for birth control, and it is of course, women, then women will accept the risks that are attached to every type of birth control out there.

    When women start demanding that ‘Planned Fatherhood’ clinics start showing up, women will continue to be the main focus of birth control.

    I never took birth control pills because I told my ex-husband, point blank, that birth control was going to be HIS responsibility or I’d keep my legs closed. I was not going to tear my body all to pieces with who the hell knows what and I’m glad I did not! And once again, I say, “More’s damn pity that I was in the minority!”

    Men are determined that we should die, horribly because it is not bad enough that they give women medication for birth control that causes cancer, but upon reaching the age of menopause, doctors were still prescribing cancer causing medications to women who were affected by the symptoms of menopause. And we give birth to those bastards? And this is the thanks we get? For the love of !!! And some people say that women should rule the world. Seriously? When women are so stupid that they continue to put up with this?


  2. Sometimes your comments are so colorful, Shelby, I can’t help laughing. Your analysis of the man-woman-birth control situation is extremely similar to my own. It makes me incredibly sad that women are so eager to please (and sleep with) the men who oppress them. The amount of psychological manipulation that goes into this sad state of affairs is immense – what’s worse is that it’s so effective.


    • Dr. Bramhall, I swear, I wish that I could bottle what you and I seem to have because it has kept us from merely complying with and conforming to this mess because we need to sell it to women and call it, “Open Your Damn Eyes!” But then again, we may need to spray it, ‘chemtrail’ style. LOL!


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