Robert Kennedy’s Lone Nut Assassin – Not

The Strange Case of Sirhan Sirhan

James Corbett (2016)

Film Review

In this 2016 documentary, James Corbett examines various evidence suggesting that Robert Kennedy’s alleged assassin was operating in a hypnotic trance. Like John Lennon’s alleged assassin Mark Chapman, he still has no conscious recollection of the shooting.

Although the Los Angeles police destroyed most of the forensic evidence, recent acoustic evidence has surfaced indicating 13 shots were fired – although Sirhan’s 22 only held eight bullets. In addition, all eyewitnesses report that Sirhan was standing in front of Kennedy, whereas the fatal shots came from behind (and from a larger caliber weapon).

The evidence Corbett has assembled includes a 1977 interview researcher Mae Brussell conducted with Sirhan’s prison psychologist; Corbett’s interview with a trauma researcher familiar with the declassified documents related to CIA mind control programs (Artichoke, Bluebird and MK-Ultra); the results of a 2011 examination of Sirhan under hypnosis;* and an experiment conducted by British TV hypnotist Derren Brown, in which a hypnotized subject follows a command to shoot  British comedian Stephen Fry.

During the sixties and seventies, US intelligence experimented on 7,800 GIs with hypnosis and drugs, to determine if they could be hypnoprogrammed to kill (as portrayed in the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate).

As Corbett stresses, publicly available information regarding US intelligence mind control experimentation is at least 40 years old. Any material more recent than the 1970s has yet to be declassified. However the bizarre behavior of many alleged shooters in recent false flag events suggests they may have been victims of this type of experimentation.

For a detailed examination of the physical evidence that exonerates Sirhan, see The Robert Kennedy Assassination: Why the Official Story is a Fake

*While under hypnosis he recalled a suggestion he was given that he was at a shooting range and needed to fire at the target.





3 thoughts on “Robert Kennedy’s Lone Nut Assassin – Not

  1. Why is it so easy to understand Sirhan was programed and Lee Oswald was not when both of there profiles our similar and opportunity to manipulated there circumstances is apparent. My last 5 years of daily investigations has led me to believe that assassinations investigation also have been manipulated by main street experts who point finger at LBJ,Dulles,Angleton. Mafia and CIA. The coverup is big story today. This program points fingers in the right direction Army,Rockefeller foundation but doesn’t name people who are clearly involved starting with elites revolution at election of FDR.


  2. To be honest, Gerry, Corbett’s documentary is the first I’ve seen to seriously address the question of hypnoprogramming. Most psychiatrists still maintain that a person can’t be impelled to commit an immoral act (that their conscience would consciously reject) while under hypnosis. Up until now, I think the main focus of researchers in both assassinations has been physical evidence establishing that other gunmen were the actual killers.


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