Responding to Bernie’s Promotion of the New Cold War

In this op-ed, Caitlin Johnstone responds to Bernie Sanders’ promotion of unproven allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

By Caitlin Johnstone (Consortium News)

In an otherwise fine video response to Tuesday night’s vapid, flag-waving State of the Union address, Bernie Sanders once again promoted the neocon think tank-generated and unproven claim that Russia interfered in America’s 2016 elections via “cyberwarfare,” and repeated the completely baseless insinuation that they colluded with Trump to do so.

“How can he not talk about the reality that Russia, through cyberwarfare, interfered in our election in 2016, is interfering in democratic elections all over the world, and according to his own CIA director will likely interfere in the 2018 midterm elections that we will be holding?” asked the Vermont Senator. “How do you not talk about that unless you have a very special relationship with Mr. Putin?”

This is not an exception to the rule for Sanders, but one more addition to an already consistent and deliberatepattern. In February of last year Sanders delivered a widely viewed video message to his massive online audience solely geared at promoting the Russiagate narrative. At the end of March, he did it again.

In May,  he did it again.

Over and over and over again, month after month after month, Sanders has been using his immense platform as the most popular and trusted politician in America to sell these world-threatening cold war escalations to the millions of Americans who adore him. . .

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4 thoughts on “Responding to Bernie’s Promotion of the New Cold War

  1. Well, I don’t ‘adore’ Bernie Sanders. I never have and how his supporters can still ‘support’ him after he conceded to Hillary Clinton so quickly and so easily and with his supporters knowing that he basically stated from the onset of his campaign that he would concede to Hillary, is an utter mystery to me that they still even listen to him.

    Bernie Sanders is no ‘savior’ of the ‘common people’. He is no different from Hillary Clinton and all the rest of those worthless politicians in Washington. Just because he seemingly breaks with the status quo for a few minutes and says what the ‘common people’ want to hear does not make him anything other than all talk and no substance because when it comes down to it, he is going along with the rest of those thugs and criminals in Washington. He does not stand on some superior moral and self-righteous high ground over every thing else slithering and crawling around Washington and I wish these people, his ‘supporters’, would wake up to that fact!


  2. Same here, Shelby. What I want to know is the identify of the money behind Sanders – in other words who’s pimping him out to us. This so reminds me of working in a clinic in Seattle’s inner city. On really hot days the pimps would put a prostitute on every corner because the johns were more likely to partake if they were offered a boutique option. I see exactly the same principle in operation in the political arena.


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