‘We Need to Talk about How We Learn to Accept Our Own Oppression’

We need to talk about ‘socialisation’, and how we are instructed, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, to accept our own oppression, and to not ‘make a fuss’.


Human Wrongs Watch

Credit: Ammar Abu Bakr/TNI State of Power report 2018.

It should have been impossible for Donald Trump to become president of the United States. Even those Republicans who thought he might have defended their political interests surely saw what a terrible idea it would be to have him in charge of anything, be it his Twitter account or the nuclear codes. Why did they not organise in secret and make it impossible for him to win the nomination, let alone the election?

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4 thoughts on “‘We Need to Talk about How We Learn to Accept Our Own Oppression’

  1. Excellent article, Dr. Bramhall. The author Nina Power notes: “Labour caring for children, family members and others continues to be undervalued, and largely invisible, though it’s essential to keeping human life going.”

    As revealed in the article you recently featured on the human microbiome, women play a vital role in the propagation and survival of our species. Perceiving the power of the female way back in ancient times, the male of our species have used, and continue to use, every means possible to coerce and oppress us. Their folly is now leading our species to the brink of self-extinction.


    • Rosaliene, I have always been convinced that capitalism would collapse without all the free labor women provide. I totally agree that human males “have used every means possible to coerce and oppress women.” I also believe that if we could free women from this oppression, we would also solve most of the dire crises that presently face this planet.


  2. “It should have been impossible for Trump, also accused of sexually harassing a number of women, to be elected. We must make it impossible in the future for those who do such these things to ever to be in charge of other people.”

    Factor in racism, even among women and this is why it was possible for Trump to win the election because ‘white’ women voted overwhelmingly for Trump, even against their own interests and then proceeded to take to the streets during his inauguration. So what did taking to the streets prove after they had already voted him in? Black women either refused to vote or voted for Hillary Clinton, but white women, every time, will go against their own interests taking backward steps if it will ensure that racism remains in full force since they voted with their ‘menfolk’ for Donald Trump.


  3. Good point, Shelby. In addition to the blatant racism you describe, I also detect a strong element of classism dividing the community of white women. The women who marched against Trump were upper middle class women who voted for Hillary Clinton – who hate poor white trash almost as much as they hate black people.


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