Forget Socialism And Markets, It’s Time For Universal Healthcare – The System We Need And How To Pay For It

I’ve been fighting for universal publicly funded health care for all Americans since 1988 and still haven’t given up – despite moving to New Zealand and receiving free health care from their publicly funded system.

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After decades of suffering under a private “market-based” healthcare economy, Americans who were also suffering under high unemployment rates, lower living standards, and high stress, found themselves burdened by a private health insurance industry that charged exorbitant rates while denying coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions and refused to pay out for needed medical care for many whom it did cover.

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3 thoughts on “Forget Socialism And Markets, It’s Time For Universal Healthcare – The System We Need And How To Pay For It

  1. And I have been fighting for dental care for all, as well. Even if the U.S. would adopt a program for all like Medicare, I would still like to see dental, vision and hearing included because I cannot understand why Medicare will pay for a penis pump or “Vacuum Erection System,” but will not pay for eye glasses unless you have been diagnosed with cataracts. It will not pay for hearing tests despite the numerous commercials I see regarding how hearing loss is a big factor in the lives of aging people and people damn sure as hell need a healthy mouth for without one, the body cannot be healthy and that is just common sense and yet, not one doctor’s organization has stepped forward to lead the charge in at least bringing awareness to this issue.


  2. You raise an extremely important point, Shelby. I’m really surprised that all the senior lobbies aren’t highlighting these issues. These groups are immensely powerful, and dental, vision and hearing issues have a major impact on the life of the elderly. Our local hospital has a free dental clinic and audiology care, but the waiting list is so long that you have to wait five years to be seen and that’s only if someone dies. I had no idea Medicare paid for penis pumps – that makes absolutely no sense. I suspect the company that makes them has a really strong lobby.



      I posted this one in 2014 because I too, was appalled when I found out that Medicare will cover penis pumps, but it gets worse. Medicare actually overpaid for those penis pumps to the tune of… Well, see for yourself.

      “Department of Health and Human Services said Medicare, the government health insurance system for seniors, paid nearly 474,000 claims for vacuum erection systems, or VES.”

      Medicare paid $172 million for some old men to get a ‘boner’, while their mouths are looking like something out of a horror movie. Who in the world would want to get down with someone whose mouth is filled with blackened stubs and whose breath would stop a charging bull in its tracks? I wouldn’t! And a person with a mouth such as that could not in any way be healthy. It’s not happening. And just think of how many mouths could have gotten healthy if that $172 million had been spent on dental care instead of on penis pumps.

      Now, don’t that just beat all?


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