Trump winery asks to hire more foreign workers


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The Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Va., is hoping to hire 23 foreign guest workers for the coming spring and summer, according to a filing with the Department of Labor.

Trump Vineyard Estates filed the request to hire farmworkers and laborers to tend to the property’s crops, nursery and greenhouse. The jobs would start March 19 and conclude on Oct. 26. The pay rate is $11.46 per hour, according to the filing.

The request was filed through the H-2A visa program, which allows U.S. employers to hire foreign agricultural laborers for temporary work as long as no qualified Americans want the jobs instead.

The winery has filed similar requests in the past for foreign guest workers.

President Trump bought the property in 2011 but relinquished ownership to his son, Eric Trump, soon after.

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6 thoughts on “Trump winery asks to hire more foreign workers

  1. Now let me get this straight, Trump is against the people from Mexico coming to America so much that he insists that building a wall is the only way to go to keep them out, but on the other hand, he needs those same people to come here and work in his winery because Americans don’t want those jobs which is why the people from Mexico come here in the first place; to take jobs that Americans refuse to take. How does this even begin to make any sense? And why aren’t his supporters throwing a fit over this? Oh my bad! They are just so ‘Trumpcrazed’.

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    • Shelby, I hate to break this to you but I think we’re being lied to. Big business loves immigrants – the more the better – for the simple reason they drive wages down. There is no pressure whatsoever to pay a fair wage to an immigrant – especially if they’re illegal. If they ask for a raise, you just report them to immigration. It’s the business community drawing illegal immigrants to the US. If the Trump administration cracked down on the businesses importing them, illegal immigration would end tomorrow.

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  2. No excuses, but an aside: This winery may be “Trump” in name only. Trump makes money by selling his brand to owners of property who can slap the name on their hotels and, in this case, winery. The Trump brand is supposed to reflect high-class. To me it represents something cheap and vulgar. To whatever extent we can, people ought to boycott Trump brands, whether the enterprises owned by “The Family” or not.

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  3. JoAnn, Trump Industries has always relied heavily on illegal immigrant labor and has a strong reputation for shafting them. To the best of my knowledge, the Polish immigrants who built Trump Towers still haven’t been paid.

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    • In my view the biggest mistake the corporate oligarchy make in crafting immigration policy is their failure to consult with the low income communities that are most impacted my a big influx of immigrants, mainly when they’re forced to compete with them for jobs and housing. The second biggest mistake is their failure to allocate adequate budgets to facilitate immigrant resettlement.


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