It’s Becoming Increasingly Hard For California Homeowners To Get Insurance

Recent urban losses for fires and mudslides are making insurance premiums more expensive for everyone – with some homeowners unable to get fire insurance at all.

AGR Daily News

ROTT: He says he expects that when insurance companies update their risk models, those urban losses and similar ones in Southern California from the more recent Thomas Fire will be included. The result will be more expensive homeowner insurance for everyone over time and more areas where private insurers aren’t offering coverage at all.

ROTT: An insurance company doesn’t want more risk than they could potentially pay out. Insurance claims for the Northern California wildfires alone have already topped $9 billion. Dave Jones, the insurance commissioner, is pressing lawmakers to make it harder for insurance companies to drop homeowners for wildfire risk. After all, he says, insurance is only going to be more important as climate change leads to more disasters. Nathan Rott, NPR News.

via It’s Becoming Increasingly Hard For California Homeowners To Get Insurance : NPR

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4 thoughts on “It’s Becoming Increasingly Hard For California Homeowners To Get Insurance

  1. When you move to mostly desert and try to transform it into something it’s not, you have to expect issues from Mother Nature. California has to steal water from everywhere it can to survive. It’s a dry place. Problems happen when it rains. Governor Moonbeam needs to talk with Mother Nature. If you saw how they do housing developments you would understand.


    • I used to live in California and you’re right – the notion of sustaining such a large population in a desert is totally unsustainable. I don’t see either Governor Moonbeam or the feds making any serious effort to address the problem. I reckon the insurance industry will force the issue – people will be forced to move when they can’t get homeowners insurance any more. Thanks, Martin, for your really right on comment.


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