Hidden History: The 1992 FBI Assault on Ruby Ridge

Ruby Ridge

PBS (2017)

Film Review

In this documentary Ruby Ridge survivor Sara Weaver relates the history of the 1992 FBI assault on her home that killed her mother and her 14 year-old brother Samuel. It provides a a very different view of the incident than the mainstream media.

First and foremost the Weavers weren’t heavily armed white supremacists linked with the Aryan Nation, as claimed by the FBI and corporate media. Despite attending Aryan Nation meetings, the Weavers declined to join because they didn’t share the group’s white supremacist views.

Weaver Declines to Infiltrate the Aryan Nation

Former Green Beret and Christian fundamentalist Randy Weaver ran afoul of the US government after an undercover Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agent asked Weaver to acquire a shotgun for him. The agent claimed Weaver illegally sawed it off (at the agent’s request), an assertion Weaver has always disputed. The ATF then threatened to arrest Weaver and confiscate his property unless he agreed to infiltrate the Aryan Nation as an undercover informant. When Weaver refused, he was arrested.

Fearful (understandably) that the federal government was trying to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit, Weaver failed to appear for trial. After a two year attempt to serve a a bench warrant on the family’s isolated mountaintop home, federal marshals turned the case over to the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (ie FBI snipers).

The family tell a very different story of the assault than the FBI – with a federal jury ultimately siding with the family. According to Sara, after the FBI sniper shot the family dog, 14 year-old Samuel returned fire and killed one of the snipers. At this point, the other snipers shot and killed his mother Vicky,, whom was holding his baby sister in her arms.

The standoff continued until highly decorated former Green Beret Bo Gritz intervened and persuaded Weaver, his friend Kevin and the remaining children to surrender.

Weaver Family Receives $3.1 Million Settlement

Both Weaver and Kevin were charged and acquitted in the death of the FBI sniper. Weaver was also acquitted on the charge of illegally sawing off a shotgun. He ultimately served 18 months for failure to appear.

In 1995, the family received a $3.1 million settlement for the wrongful death of Vicky and Samuel.

Although the FBI allegedly undertook major policy changes after Ruby Ridge, they undertook a similar military-style assault in 1993 against fundamentalist Christians in Waco Texas.


6 thoughts on “Hidden History: The 1992 FBI Assault on Ruby Ridge

  1. I read the book…”Lon Horiuchi, the name of the FBI hero, sniper who shot Vicki Weaver’s head off at Ruby Ridge. August 1992 ,” John Kelly: Tainting the Evidence. I believe Kelly was an ex FBI…it may be a typo, but he claimed that 400 FBI agents were camped out in the hills there.


  2. forgot these comments, my notes from the book…”in Aug 1992, 400 government agents, mostly FBI were in the hills surrounding Randy Weaver’s cabin at Ruby Ridge, Idaho; in the Cabin were Randy, Vicki, Sara, 16, and Kevin Harris. In the 11 day siege not one shot was fired from the cabin.” Kelly:
    the US marshals radioed for help throughout the day, repeating that they were pinned down. The FBI sent in a rescue hostage squad to rescue them at 7 pm. During the day, Randy and his wife had somehow come down the dirt oath to pick up the body of their 16 yr of son. This was incredibly not even noticed by the US marshals who were supposedly pinned down.”
    our FBI: Fabricate-Bludgeon-Intimidate.


  3. haha! I may get it right eventually. It was Kelley, not Kelly, and my quotes may have come from his book or “Lost Rights: destruction of American Liberty”: Bovard, James. I have kept over 100 pages of notable quotes over the years, from some 400 books, and I notice that these two authors overlap. Anyway, Horiuchi received a med of honor for his great shot. One fatal flaw from the Creator: the (mostly) male ego.


  4. stuartjeannebramhall: I just noticed a post on ZH about the Clive Bundy affair, authored by James Bovard. What an odd coincidence. The article has some pertinent comments about Ruby Ridge, and how the US guv was ecstatic about the shooting/murders.


  5. Wow, thanks Joe. It sounds like you are an expert on Ruby Ridge. In my mind it’s an important historical event that most Americans have forgotten. I’m quite pleased at the effort by PBS to correct the historical record. It’s also good to see Clive Bundy vindicated. Thanks for commenting.


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