An American Water Crisis Is Just Around The Corner And No One Is Talking About It

The fact is that water is polluted with various contaminates all over the country and, in some places, even worse than Flint.

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Special report by Brandon TurbevilleNatural Blaze

Anyone who pays attention to their local news has seen the signs of a coming apocalypse in the United States, although they are probably not aware of it. While many equate a water crisis to the sucking up of resources by big business interests or an offhanded moment of pollution from the local industry, there is another type water crisis looming over America. It’s not just Coca-Cola and property rights, it’s the failure of municipalities, states, and the federal government to ensure that drinking water is actually drinkable.

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4 thoughts on “An American Water Crisis Is Just Around The Corner And No One Is Talking About It

  1. With all the chemical spills, fracking, agricultural runoff, weed killer, air pollution, how in the world can we believe that what is flowing from our tap is healthy? We are delusional if we believe that our tap water is safe to drink.

    When I lived in Minnesota, the tap water would actually turn to gel and I called the ‘water’ department and had the water tested. I was called about a week later and told that though a little bit of bacteria was in the water and it had a bad odor and taste, it was still drinkable. Seriously??!! If someone had their water tested in every city in every state, they’d find what I found out and much worse and I don’t even believe that I was given the complete facts on what was wrong with the water flowing from my tap and I was living in the ‘City of 10,000 Lakes’. Go figure!


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