Dem Support For Trump Surveillance Powers Proves “Resistance” Is Bull*hit

Anti-Trumpism has never been about opposing Trump. It’s about killing off what remains of the true left in America by bullying them into falling in line with the establishment and accusing them of supporting an evil Nazi traitor if they don’t.

Counter Information

By Caitlin Johnstone

January 13, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – The so-called “Resistance”, the think tank-generated campaign to continue the authentic grassroots energy from the Bernie Sanders campaign and artificially harness it to oppose Donald Trump, is bullshit. It always has been bullshit. It always will be bullshit.

The leaders of the “Resistance” do not oppose Donald Trump. They are Donald Trump dressed in drag.

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Daniel Schuman@danielschuman

55 Democrats voted against your constitutional rights and opposed the USA RIGHTS amendment. Had 26 voted the other way, we would have won. Among them is Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.

12:05 PM – Jan 11, 2018

Twitter Ads info and privacy

As we discussed previously, the US intelligence community has been aggressively demanding that congress reauthorize its Orwellian Section 702 surveillance…

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2 thoughts on “Dem Support For Trump Surveillance Powers Proves “Resistance” Is Bull*hit

  1. I thought by now, it was a well known fact that there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. They are all bought and paid for by corporations who actually run this shithole for if not, why is it that every piece of legislation that is passed is very good for corporations and very bad for American citizens? Corporations don’t even have to tell their workers when they are going to close, permanently. Workers find out when they show up for work and find the doors locked. I’ve seen this happen times too numerous to count.

    And so if anyone seriously thought that the Democrats would step up to the plate to mount a ‘resistance’ to anything Trump does, they are delusional. But yet the Democrats think that what Trump is doing is so bad that they’ll regain some Senate seats this year. Yeah! We’ll see about that! And even if they do regain some Senate seats, it’ll still be the same business as usual. Trump is president partly because people could not stomach the Democrats and their shit and Trump’s supporters showed up en mass at the polls and voila! Trump, it is!


  2. Shelby, I think most people of your generation realize there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats. This is the main reason why about half of them don’t even bother to vote. However given the new crop of voters we get every year – who no longer receive any kind of civics education – I think we need to keep putting the message out there. Thanks for your comment.


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