Trump Isn’t Another Hitler. He’s Another Obama

Maybe US presidents are limited to eight years because that’s how long it takes the public to forget everything.

Counter Information

By Caitlin Johnstone

January 08, 2017 “Information Clearing House” –  Not a lot of people remember this, but George W Bush actually campaigned in 2000 against the interventionist foreign policy that the United States had been increasingly espousing. Far from advocating the full-scale regime change ground invasions that his administration is now infamous for, Bush frequently used the word “humble” when discussing the type of foreign policy he favored, condemning nation-building, an over-extended military, and the notion that America should be the world’s police force.

Eight years later, after hundreds of thousands of human lives had been snuffed out in Iraq and Afghanistan and an entire region horrifically destabilized, Obama campaigned against Bush’s interventionist foreign policy, edging out Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries partly because she had supported the Iraq invasion while he had condemned it. The Democrats, decrying the warmongering tendencies of the Republicans, elected a President…

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7 thoughts on “Trump Isn’t Another Hitler. He’s Another Obama

  1. Aunty, all the evidence points to the Wall Street billionaires who funded their campaigns. The Koch brothers, who are heavily invested in coal and oil, were major supporters of Trump’s campaign – which is why he’s trying to bring back coal.


    • I believe you say it the way it is. However isn’t the average citizen of the world more concerned with what the president of the USA stands for rather than with what Wall Street billionaires stand for?
      What would happen to the world if more people would become concerned about the power of Wall Street billionaires?


            • I wished, Stuart, people overall would be less greedy and willing to share with others. I believe everyone on this earth has a right to reasonable prosperity. With mankind’s present day knowledge this should be achievable. It just needs the good will of the majority of people as well as somehow taking away the excessive power from people who are absolutely selfish!


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