Microsoft Drops Bitcoin Payment Methods Thanks to Crypto Volatility

Another company declines to accept bitcoin payments – the surge of speculation in bitcoins has rendered it virtually useless as a unit of exchange.

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All of this bitcoin buzz might be exciting crypto investors around the globe, but big tech companies aren’t so keen about the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

Following Valve’s footsteps, it was reported on Monday that Microsoft has stopped accepting bitcoin payments. While the tech company has not released an official statement regarding this potential change, a Bleeping Computer article claimed that it has halted Bitcoin payments because to the volatility of cryptocurrency.

via Bitcoin: Microsoft Stops Accepting Crypto Payments Amid Price Volatility | Inverse

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Drops Bitcoin Payment Methods Thanks to Crypto Volatility

  1. He he, Stu; they don’t mind a controlled Ponzi scheme, but, not an un-controlled feeding frenzy; the sad part is that the majority seems to have no problem gambling while creating debt currency that is also devaluating real tangible value as well as the sweat of an honest one’s labour;

    90% are merely moving numbers and paper around based on and profiting off of the sweat of the 10%’s labour; only 10% are actually producing anything; working; soon, no-one will want to work, but mine cryptocurrency; however, as the A.I. mining race grows, the more energy it is using until ouroboros has swallowed itself by its tail; utter madness; “hue-manity” is de-evolving in real time; Heaven help us; in peace


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