Sharing the world with neocons is like living with an Alzheimer’s patient

Here we go again – the same regime change script over and over again like they forgot what happened in Iraq, Libya and Syria.



Sharing the world with neocons is like living with an Alzheimer’s patient.

“I want to go home!”

“You are home, Mum. Remember? You live here now with me and Dave? And your grandkids? You’ve been living here for two years. This is your home.”

“Oh, okay.”

[Two minutes pass.]

“I want to go home!”

Image via Mint Press News

Except they’re not forgetful. They’re just evil.

And here we are again, going through the exact same dance once more. On last night’s Hannity, three longtime Iran hawks were gathered before Fox News cameras like we’ve never done this before to explain to their audience how deeply concerning it is that the US government isn’t providing weapons to Iranian protesters, and how we should all want the US government to support the opposition groups by giving them whatever they want.

Sean Hannity, who was one of the loudest…

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4 thoughts on “Sharing the world with neocons is like living with an Alzheimer’s patient

  1. It´s not that the Neocons have Alzheimer, but sadly large sections of the (US) public are having Alzheimer. The Neocons know quite well what they are doing, because their strategy is based on chaos. They know that the US are too weak to have a stable imperial rule over the world, think they could manage the chaos. And they want a Region of chaos as a Barriere against Eurasian cooperation:
    „Geo-Politics: The Core of Crisis and Chaos and the Nightmares of the US Power Elite“

    PS: “Have a Happy and Vigilant 2018! Thanks to my Readers”:


    • Thanks for the links, Schluter. I think the author of the article is being tongue-in-check – the neocons act like they have Alzheimers, but they’re really “evil” (sociopaths).

      I was sorry to read that you’re stepping away from blogging for awhile – and hopefully moving on to newer and grander endeavors?


  2. Well, Rosaliene, I guess this is the kind of government you get when your whole government is founded on the basis of money and greed being your gods and on the basis of Biblical texts that sanction, rape, pillage and slavery.


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