4 thoughts on “FBI Launches Investigation Into Clinton Foundation

  1. “FBI Launches Investigation Into Clinton Foundation”

    AGAIN??!! Why? The Clintons are never found guilty of anything even when they are caught ‘red-handed’. With as many scandals the Clintons have been involved in, and that skank was about to become the next president, what would another investigation do? I’ll tell you. Waste more taxpayer money, that’s what. Because there should already be enough dirt on the Clintons that both should be in prison stripes for the rest of their natural lives.

    And quite actually, I’m looking at a ‘related’ article above this that states: “The FBI will ‘Blow the Whistle’ if Hillary Clinton is not indicted. “They’re going Public.” So as you can see, the FBI and the Justice Department are all talk and no actual action. It’s like “The boy who cried wolf.” If you keep saying something too many times, people are going to stop paying attention. You will not be taken seriously. That is what is happening as far as I am concerned.

    It is just like when we found out that Bush had started a war based on lies and everyone was expecting the ICC to step in and do something, that didn’t happen. Obama did the same; accused Assad of gassing his own people to militarily strike that country and is he up on charges before the ICC? No. He is busy giving speeches for $450,000 and signed a $65 million dollar book deal. Sweet, ain’t it? For a war criminal. Because ask the innocent drone-struck people in Yemen how well Obama treated them. Drone striking wedding parties and killing women and children and we here in America just look the other way and moan about our problems when the sad fact of the matter is what we so-called elect is not only our problem, but also that of the entire world.


    • What I’ve gleaned from my reading, Shelby, is there is a major split in the ruling elite between those that support the Wall Street/CIA complex (and the Clintons and the Russiagate hypocrisy) and those that support other other powerful financial interests (Silicon Valley, coal, real estate, etc) that have been traditionally excluded from the Wall Street club. It’s hard to say who is likely to win out at this point – but I suspect this plays a role in the FBI seesawing back and forth on the Clintons.


  2. An investigation???Didn’t anyone tell them that the New York home of “Killary” caught fire a day or so ago…..oh….and the fire somehow only affected the room where all the illegal servers, hard drives and other incriminating evidence was stored. The follow up to this investigation will be to say that there is not enough evidence to prosecute.


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