Two Great Roads: Infrastructure in the USA & China

US infrastructure continues to decay as it marches towards a low wage police state.

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As the end of 2017 approached, the Chinese Ministry of Transportation announced its plan for the next year. In 2018, China intends to build over 200,000 kilometers (124274.238 miles) of new roads in rural areas. The result will be to connect 5,000 rural villages to asphalt roadways and bus services. Furthermore, the Transport Ministry intends to renovate 180,000 kilometers (111846.815 miles) of roads, as well as restoring 2,500 bridges. In the last five years, China has constructed 1.275 million kilometers (776713.9903 miles) of news roads.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the opposite is taking place. According to Wired Magazine, municipalities across the country are un-paving roads due to budgetary concerns. In order to save money, rural towns in 27 different states have removed asphalt and restored dirt roads. For example, the city of Montpelier in Vermont, saved $120,000 by removing asphalt from a number of its roads. The process…

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3 thoughts on “Two Great Roads: Infrastructure in the USA & China

  1. Dr. Bramhall, I don’t know if you have visited here in the U.S. recently, but our infrastructure is getting worse by the nanosecond.

    As you know, I just recently left Baltimore, MD and the infrastructure there was so bad that a city street in downtown Baltimore, well within the ‘tourist zone’, blew up, just literally blew up and spewed asbestos everywhere, including on the sides of hotel buildings, covered vehicles, the street and everything in the path of the explosion. Hazmat crews had to be called in to abate that mess. There were potholes the size of sinkholes and a few sinkholes as well. Block after block of streets had some sort of work being done on them, but there was never any sign of any improvement. Entire neighborhoods look like something out of a war movie. But of course we cannot fund ‘real’ infrastructure improvements because we need to give tax breaks to the rich and we need to fund the Military Industrial Complex while American trains derail traveling 50mph and while bridges fall down onto highways and into rivers.

    The U.S. is done for and there is no escaping that fact. As soon as the last penny can be pried out of the poor’s bent fingers, this mainland will be looking like what Puerto Rico is looking like now. When all the vultures have swooped down and picked everything clean, down to the bone, and there’s nothing more to be had, we’ll see this Titanic finally sink. Because it makes no sense that on the same page that it was announced that “Dow closes above 25,000 for first time!”, two stories right underneath that report stated that: “Macy’s announces 5,000 more job cuts, more store closures,” and “Sears is closing over 100 more stores.” How can this be, that with news coming out of this nature, daily, the Dow continues to rise? Nothing makes sense. The only Kmart in my area is closing this week. We’ve barely got a functioning mall and there are more empty, available storefronts here than there are open stores. People have to travel to another city just to shop. I’ve never seen anything like this.

    While other countries that we have bombed are trying to re-build their infrastructure, countries like China are investing in their infrastructure and we just sit back and pill pop, shoot up heroin and drink ourselves to death.

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  2. Once again, Shelby, you provide a very colorful commentary of a country in utter decline. Sometimes I wonder if you should compile them into a book for the people who come after us so they can see what it was like. It could provide a very valuable lesson of what not to do.

    Here in New Zealand, we are also dealing with infrastructure problems and a growing number of empty storefronts. The good thing here is that there are more people willing to organize and fight government corruption. Perhaps that relates to heroin and cocaine being so scarce here. Though we do have plenty of alcohol (NZ has a really big problem with binge drinking), cannabis and amphetamines.

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